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The end of an era

After 16 years working for the same aerospace company I left my Job today! I was invalided out due to ill health.

I have severe emphysema and I've been working part time and looking after my disabled wife for several years,but it has been gradually more and more difficult to do two jobs aerospace engineer and a carer.After working all my life I am told I can't claim any benefits as I am employed to look after my wife,but at least I do not have to go through ATOS.

It seems somewhat like giving up but i,m looking forward to hopefully giving my wife a better quality of life whilst i,m still able and well enough.

As one door closes another opens!

ce la vie

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Oh that really would feel like the end of an era. I hope the new era turns out well.

Strange you're not entitled to benefits after working all your life. It doesn't seem right really, especially when you see people on them who have never worked or hardly at all.

Germany scrapped incapacity benefit for everyone born after 1961. They did that in about 2000. When I couldn't do my previous profession any more I got benefits for 2.5 years there then nothing, I could have continued but we own our house so I wasn't eligible for the next stage. People born before 1961 can still get incapacity benefit but you have to be pretty much dead to meet the criteria, one colleague has been fighting for over five years and they keep sending him for new checks. His muscles don't work properly and he was a clarinetist, rather obvious he can't work.

Anyway, all the best for the new era in your life, I hope it is fulfilling and enjoyable.

koala x


It's bound to have an impact on you Gaffers, you are at a bit of a crossroads now. I don't know how old you are and I don't know much about benefits for carers, but I'm sure others can advise.

It might be an idea to have a chat with the BLF on 03000 030 555.

I wish you all the very best though.

Lynne xx


Life has a way of throwing spanners at us! Some we dodge, some hit us fair and square in the face. The way we deal with them tells a lot about our characters.

Enjoy your future, whatever it may hold. Use the time wisely and i suggest you be a little selfish and perhaps see just how fit you can get? Remember you need to care for yourself first so that you can do the caring for your wife and all else!

Accept the change. Welcome the change and do the right thing for you and your family.

Wishing you a long, happy and busy future.



Hi gaffers, I hope in a way the early 'retirement' will stand you in good health for the future, more time to relax and to share with your wife, more time to enjoy the things you always put off because of work. More time to look after yourself as well.

I expect it is a bit of a shock to you and on the one hand sad to leave your work when it has been something you have enjoyed but at least you will no longer have the added expenditure of energy and demand on your time, its difficult enough living with a lung condition. You have done really well to continue this far with severe emphysema and working as well as carer for your wife, now is your time to relax and enjoy some me time.

Its a blessing not having to deal with Atos, hope you have a good pension from your work, but to be sure there is nothing you can claim benefits wise, check with the BLF helpline as Lynne suggest or Age UK is another good contact.

All good wishes.




I would look at claiming PIP, for either you or your wife or both.

It is non means tested benefit , for if you have mobility or care needs.


If you can manage financially and the lack of income doesn't make caring for your wife more stressful then enjoy this time.I kept working during my husbands illness (with the help of family ) as we needed the money but oh how I wished that I could have stayed at home with him.I feel that the last 4 years of his life he had to spend a lot of time on his own.




I am sure you will find lots to fill in the void from work, kick back and enjoy it and the quality time spent together, like some of the others have said give the blf a call you never know what your entitled to until you ask.

End of an era but the start of a new journey.


How lucky you have been to enjoy your job for such a long time! You must feel very strange! The truth about life is that nothing stays the same and it is time to mi e on. Enjoy your new journey But please make time for yourself. If you have a hobby you love pursue it - if not find one! I care for my husband though we both still work and if you are not careful you could loose your own identity. Keep active and enjoy - you deserve it. Lots of love and luck Tad c x


Hi Gaffers welcome, some of us are a bit nuts but you will also get a lot of help, info & support from this site. xx


Happy retirement!,no more setting the alarm! lovely precious quality time together! :) x


May many doors open for you.

With all good wishes to you and your wife.

What company did you work for? Many moons ago I worked for Solertron.

Love cx


Thank you all for the support, my wife and i are looking forward to the future,

stay healthy, stay positive,and try to enjoy each day one by one for itself.

breath easy everyone

thank you



I live in the Southend Essex area, and am participating in PR at the moment/ today we were meant to have a chat with the people who sell the disabled toilet keys. (they did not show up) but apparentley they also help you with claiming entitled benefits, and form filling. Perhaps the toilet key people in your area do the same. Just a thought. Good luck



Hope all goes well for yourself and your wife. All Best Wishes xx


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