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I erred on the last THANKYOU

I erred on the last THANKYOU

Try again to thank you all on this site.

When I wake in the early hours and feel alone you guys

are always their.

Gosh I am so pleased I met you.

xxx Ros xx

A pic of me in Kenya only 3 years ago teaching Kenyan Children. I am

so happy to have been part of many things I am no longer able

to do. Guess sometimes looking back makes you understand

YES we did have a good time before COPD struck.

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As you are learning life does not end with COPD as some doors close others open.

This site can be a wonderful place to vent frustrations, find answers to questions and meet people with similar conditions accustomed to the ups and downs of a new life.

When you share something positive with us and feel uplifted cus you've helped support someone that you will find rewarding.

Ain't life amazing,


You can still have good times even with C.O.P.D. Ros.So come on chin up don,t let this thing stop you from living.Good Luck & Best Wishes to you xx :)


When you look back on your life before COPD, Ros, you can be proud that you did something worthwhile - teaching children.

Lots of love and hugs




Awe yes Annec,

I am 62 but hold a lot of stories of life that I hope one day, when my daughter manages to conceive, I will be able to tell stories to my grandchild

Keeping my fingers crossed for her, even tho' she has PSC, her new hubby will have a child

to remind him of her, should my daughter not make it.

I have spoken to her in depth about genetics, but I know that even tho' I have passed my

UC genes onto her she tells me that she is happy that I had her . . she is so happy, and would

not have had this opportunity I life if I had chosen not too. (Mind you I did not know at the time

I would pass my genes on)

xx Ros xx


Lovely photo Ros and the children look happy with you there. Hope life is good to you in the future and that you do get your grandchild. Pete and I have the one grandson courtesy of IVF and he has touched our lives in such an amazing way. Good luck to you and your lovely family. xxxxx :)


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