Received my lung flute today

I got my lung flute today, delivered from the company in Germany where I bought it for around £50.

I was at work this afternoon and still need to write it up on their web space, but once I've done that and can relax I'll open the flute packet and see! I'm excited, I like parcels haha :-)

I'll report back on how it goes.

koala xxx

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  • Parcels are fun - and you never know not only will it help clear the yucky stuff you might be able to play a tune at the same time :) Keep us posted, there's nothing like actual experience of equipment.

  • Actual experience of equipment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahem Mr KOTC you have recently had actual experience of equipment, albeit in a particularly unpleasant way :( but :)

  • I didn't mean that type of equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doh! I know !!!!! lol

  • What's he been up to Scrobs, must have missed it during my enforced incarceration.

  • The pressure was so great that I nearly popped it

  • Mr KOTC had a bit of a turn after using his pressure washer - it didn't go down well with the extra installation in the ticker department - made him quite poorly :(

  • Ooo eck Richard, still ploughing my way haphazardly through blogs etc and not seen that yet. Hope you're ok now? Libby

  • Once you've mastered a tune, download it for us to hear! Am thinking Flight of the Bumblebee (yes, for the flute), Ha ha ha! Seriously, I hope it's good for you. Libby

  • sorry, I'm an old fogey - should be "upload" I think?

  • I am an old fogey too. I would ave used download - sounds better. Interested in this lung flute.

  • Oh, please do get back to us on how you are finding using the Lung Flute, Koala. It sounds as if it could be a good gadget to use.

    Sandra x x x

  • The flutter, a small device used for the same purpose, getting the gunge up works a treat. Once the technique has been mastered its excellent. Having clearer lungs improves breathing and quality of life. Cost about the same.


  • I have the flutter device as well, and it definitely helps bring the gunge up, definitely recommend it. Would like to get feedback on how well the flute works. Happy breathing x

  • I bought a lung flute from the USA about 3 years ago. You have to persevere as it isn't that easy to use at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it really is brilliant for shifting phlem and clearing the airways. Good luck with it.

  • I bought one for £30, use it twice a day took a while to get the hang of it but think it helps.

    Lib x


  • Hi Koala

    I hope you find your lung flute helpful. My good friend on here Zube is the lady with the experience re the lung flute and swears by it, so it would be lovely to see her post. She was kind enough to introduce me to it. I can't get used to the vibration only lasting a short time, but will keep going, along with my other gadgets the acapella and the flutter (which I use as an aid to postural draining and percussion and not as a stand alone).

    Blue you can now get the flutter on prescription from your GP.


  • I've looked at these flutter things in the past perhaps now is the time to have another look as a lot of people seem to be saying that it does help get the gunk off your chest.

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