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Daily Laughter part 2


I failed my Health and Safety Test, The question was , What steps would you take in case of a fire.

I Answered " Bloody Big Ones.

Seemingly that was the wrong answer.

Thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought should be, thought next time I'll think the thought I should have thought before I think

I got 2 bags though my door requesting to donate clothes for people starving in Africa

Believe me if they can get into my clothes they ain't starving.

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused.

There are two signs of ageing, the first you forget things

and the second you can never remember

I am going to do some gardening today, I am going to plant my butt on the couch.

When I smile , the Devil gets a shiver down his spine.

And Finally

As a parent my goal in life is to raise my children well enough to afford all the counselling that they most likely to need!

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Hahaha!!! :D Berwick they are crackers! I'm slopping my first brew of the day all over me! xxx

in reply to hufferpuffer

Wish I was only just having my first brew my body clock gets me up at 7.15 whether I want it to or not and it's usually or not. What is the use of being retired if I can't laze in bed.

Loved the fire one.

Two doses of funny - marvellous :) Keep up the good work !


Great ones,had a good laugh! xx


Wonderful thank you for the smiles.



Loved the gardening one best, great fun :)

Great! Thanks for those :-) Fun way to start the day.

koala x

Berick will you stop it! I had only just cleaned the coffee off my keyboard from the first one. Now I have got to start all over again.


Oh i love a bit of fun and laughter thanks for the giggle.

Loved them all please just keep them comming



Your daily humour tonic

Lol lovely thank you - lots of laughs today xx

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