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Suffragettes 100 years on...............KOTC

Suffragettes 100 years on

Concise dictionary:-

Suffragette~female advocate of the extension of the franchise to women esp a millatant one,as in Britain at the beginning of the 20th century.

Suffrage~ 1 the right to vote esp in public elections,franchise.2 the exercise of such a right;casting a vote,3 a short intercessory prayer.

I don't know what to say.

I tell you what I will let you all carry on.

What does it mean to you?



You know what it means to you if you miss your Breathe Easy meeting.

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Sincere gratitude to those strong women of conviction.

All the way from Cornwall

Absolutely - that's why I would never miss voting if at all possible, although I have to say it is increasingly difficult to separate one party from another, but thanks to the strong women indeed.


All people should be required to vote.

Without their sacrifices, and their long battle with the then authorities, we women would be far worse off. We still haven't attained full parity with males in certain industries apropos salaries, but without those strong, proud women who stood up their their rights, we wouldn't be enjoying ours now!

Hail to the Mothers of the Suffragette Movement.

My wife agrees

Fantastic and strong women who were way ahead of their time. Incredible and forward thinking and very brave. I am proud to be of the same sex as them! Unfortunately we still have quite a long way to go....power to the petticoat revolution...

Bev x

I remember petticoats!

They paved the way for equality and fairness for women! yes power to the petticoat revolution and long may there be a voice for the rights of all women all over the world!


Agree with everyone, I've got a huge amount of respect for the suffragettes. I am so grateful to them for what they did and achieved. They were revolutionary and incredibly courageous.

Where are todays revolutionaries?

Women born before there time,bless them.They certainly were women of convictions,with strong back bones.I wonder if that strength is still there today?

Like others,they are the reason I still vote,although not compulsory here,I like others admire there bravery,great women!

Cheers Wendells xx

Well said Wendells.

I have huge admiration for the stance they took.

Lynne xx

Could you start another revolution?

Amazing strong women. I dont think they get the full recognition that they deserve. what they did at that time was so heroic and changed not just this country but many others. An inspiration to all women. Julie xxxx

Amazing strong women--you said it.

Because of the suffragettes, I will always use my vote. Problem is I need somebody I can respect in order to use it. But I will vote!

Positive thinking!

I always vote. I think it is my civic duty to do so. If you don't vote,you can't moan about what the government does. My grandmother was glad she could vote but that was not until she was thirty. We still have a way to go for full equality and not voting will make sure it will take longer to achieve. No government or party will give you everything you think you need but I choose the one nearest to what I believe is right for most people. I feel grateful to such brave women who knew they would never be able ti vote in their lifetime. Hooray for those have women! :-) :-) Alison

And hooray for people like yourself who use the vote

Am totally in awe of their courage and resiliance. Bless em.

Anyone see the TV prog on Emily Wilding Davison last week? (I've taped it but not had chance to watch it yet).


Yes I did, and it's excellent

If scrobbity says it was excellent it must have been

I'm afraid I did not know it was being shown'

Well I would like to take issue with all the comments on here. That got your attention didn't it? Much has been written about Emmeline Pankhurst and her sister Cristabell but one person is usually overlooked, Millicent Fawcett. Millicent founded the National Union of Women's Suffrage. She was a great believer in peaceful protest. My how times have changed. lol. By the way, I am going to start a new movement called EFM. Equality for Men.

Downtrodden Bobby xxx

Can I join that group too? Well that would make it equal then :)

Nope. Only calm, peaceful people with dangly bits allowed in my new movement. Sorry. Oh go on then, you can be an honary member.

Bobby xxxx

I object


The women would walk all over us!

ooh! my heart bleeds for you, Bobby!! You could be the next PM - have a go!

PM you say? Mmmmm sounds good. Now, if I can break the banks and get us into several wars I will be doing at least as well as previous PM's. I might give it a try.Bobby xxxx

Bobby you will have to meet me at Buck House,on a Tuesday morning, for permission on your ideas.KING

MT the second?

Wasn't it Stuart Mill who said that if women were equal they would immediately become superior? :d

bev x

OOhh more research I shall look Millicent up thank you so much for the information.

Take care

Hi Helen .have you noticed how the men seem to be missing from this blog.only 2 so far

100 years on and some women in the world still are not allowed to vote viz. Brunei (although here neither can men) Saudi Arabia (nor can they drive), Vatican city (only Cardinals can vote women cannot be Cardinals), and in many countries women are still regarded as chattels - a sorry state of affairs in my opinion - and still something to campaign for, but yes a big debt owed by all of us for the suffragettes - and no phillips1 men do not need a new movement for Equality for Men - it is still, in my opinion, a man's world - just look at the state it is in! ha ha

Right! Straight off to the naughty corner for you undine. lol

Love from Bobby xxx

Bless her Bobby ,for she knows not what she says!

Promises, promises lol

I have lived my life on them

That is because you women tell us what to do

Yes but the trouble is you do not do it!

I beg to differ.If I do not do it,well I dread to think!

I totally agree Undine and I will join you in the naughty corner! :)

Bev x

thanks was getting lonely there xx

I say equality to everyone!

So do I rick.Let's take a vote!

you have another bloke arrived!! Dont think I have met rick before - hullo rick!

Beware ,there will soon be enough of us to voice an opinion

Just my own very personal view - I feel the way a lot of young women behave and present themselves these days is undoing a lot of the good work done by the suffragettes, which is very sad. Not saying young men are much, if any, better but if the women lead the way, the men will follow.

They don't have ideals to fight for anymore.

Maybe not, and I know morals were already slipping in the 60's, but what's left? Nothing is taboo anymore. I'm actually glad I'm not a young person!

We enjoyed what we did because we enjoyed what we made to do to enjoy ourselves.Nowadays they 'enjoy' things because all their friends say 'you will enjoy this'

I have to agree with all that has been said. Things ain't what they to be. I think about my grandchildren but they have good parents. Annieseed xx

The future suffragettes?

King you are up early. Thought you might be slumbering your sins away - this blog is being very interesting.

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