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Mallorca and visit to Consultant

Hi folks, I don't blog often but always read yours. Anyway I had my third Spiro in May. I was quite worried as it was an early morning appointment and my lungs don't wake up until midday. Anyway it went off ok. Then me and wife took a weeks break in a fab apartment in Alcudia,Mallorca to get away from the chilly London weather.

Flew out from London City airport ( local airport ) and on our BA flight we had Arsene Wenger ( Arsenal manager ) and Roger Deacon (bass player with Queen) . My wife has always had a "thing" about Arsene so she was delighted. Anyway arrived without incident (I am ok flying ) and the point was to get some warmer weather. Although mainly sunny the wind was constant and quite cold. We also both developed bad hay fever as there were trees right outside our balcony. Anyway we like good food and wine and we enjoyed the good restaurants and fresh fish and seafood.

On my return I had to see my lung consultant ( this morning) and it was good news my lung volume has increased my FEV 1 has gone up from 36% to 42% . I generally feel better and fitter and the doc said I looked well and had made good progress. I put it mainly down to what I learnt inPulmonary Rehabilitation and strictly keeping to the exercise regime. Also I have fantastic support from my wife, I would not cope sometimes without her.

So I am pleased. I will never get better but I am learning to manage the condition.

I pray that we don't have too many winters like the last one, I may have to move abroad.

Best wishes to you all.... Adrian

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Hi Adrian, great you had such a good Holiday and are doing so well after your pulmonary rehabilitation course. I'll bet your wife will never forget that particular holiday ;)

Thank goodness the warmer weather has arrived and we can enjoy a bit more of the great outdoors.

Great news you have recovered some of your lung functioning, keep up the good work in managing the lung condition and here's to continued success doing that :).

Best wishes to you and yours.



Hi Adrian, I am glad you are feeling so much better. Sounds like rehab and lovely holiday is a winning formula! :-) Alison


Wow Adrian that is a good leap in the right direction on the lung function - brilliant to hear a positive. And I'm positively envious of your jaunt to Mallorca :) Thanks for sharing the good news.


That is great news and a further example of how exercise can make a real difference.

Well done and I'm glad the holiday was good too.

Lynne xx


Many thanks guys. - It never ceases to amaze me how supportive you all are - this is a truly

wonderful forum . Thanks Lynne, Blakey, Scrobbity and appyalison.

Kindest Regards Adrian


So many people stop doing there excercises after they finish PR.Good to see that you are keeping at it.Beatles



Thank you KOTC - you are so right - you have to really want to do it even though you may not feel like it. Some days I give it a rest but then feel angry/guilty with myself and really work at it the next day. And then there are other days when you simply cannot do anything without damaging your health further. I guess it's all about understanding your body and condition. Keep me smiling ........Adrian


I will keep you smiling


Fantastic news! Well done - wish I could get my husband to keep up the exercise! TAD xxx


Good on you,& great to see you reaping the benefits of excercise,it is so important,

Breathe easy, Wendells xx


Hope you continue to do well beatles and so glad you enjoyed your holiday. Your wife sounds like a great lady. Pete and I have been to Alcudia twice now and it is a lovely place to go and relax. Take care xxxx


Thank you Sassy, Wendells and TADAW. You're all good people and I appreciate your positive comments. Adrian


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