Has any one else seen the BLF letter asking for help with it is a copy of an email from researchers who have seen that people" with the highest blood sugar levels did worse when they got a chest infection"...the sugar may feed the bacteria they think..and they are looking to see if a diabetes drug would help.

By the way my "Love your Lungs" campaign has faltered...I have yet another chest infection...spitting feathers!

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  • Oh noooooooooooooooo ! and it was such a great campaign too. Mind you, could the cause of the latest chest infection be those feathers you are spitting? :)

    So bad news, chest infection and no chocolate to make you feel better because it will make you feel worse. This is a bad Monday !

  • Sorry to see you are suffering. Hope you get well soon!

    High sugar levels are not good for anyone! I am pleased my chocolate binge last evening did not make me susseptable.


  • Infections play havoc with blood sugar too, and taking Prednisolone even more so! Double whammy if, like my husband, you are diabetic as well as IPF.....


  • Worried about the feathers you are spitting. Do you think you think somehow your lungs and your pillows have got mixed up? Please check, see if any pillows are missing.

  • I had no idea about blood sugar and infections but it does seem to make good sense. I will look into this further on Pete's behalf I think. Thanks knitter and get well soon. xxx

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