An apology from Richard...................KOTC

I apologise for not posting some humour on Friday night

I was quite poorly

Why you might ask

Well I had been pressure washing my terrace doing a little at a time .But on Friday I decided that whatever ,I was going to finish the job.

My pressure washer being rather ancient was unfortunately not compatible with my pacemaker and my ticker started behaving irrationally.

I had to go to bed for a good rest to get things back in shape again

It is silly what I do sometimes without thinking

To top it all I did not finish the job because the pressure washer gave up the ghost

Maybe there is a moral to this somewhere.


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  • Hope your feeling better now x

  • Feeling a lot better now thank you chellshock

  • That's good to hear

  • Yes, there is :)

    Glad you're fitter and feeling better and that the pressure washer has been consigned to wherever broked ones go.

  • It has been consigned to 'out of sight out of mind!'

  • You men! There is Brian flogging himself to suit other people's needs. He is now exhausted. He is on chemo and should rest to let the treatment its work. So it was nag time this evening. Good mind to have a go at you so beware!!

  • Please no! annie

  • Well I'm glad it was your pressure washer that gave up the ghost!

    Lynne xx

  • I nearly joined it! Lynne

  • Hope you're feeling a bit better now

    koala x

  • There but for the grace of God

  • King you fool, don't you know pressure washers and pacemakers dont mix. I'm just glad that it was only your washer that gave up the Ghost. Next time get the wife to do it while you watch the cricket eh' :)

    Look after yourself KOTC as your public need a good laugh a day, it helps keep the doctor away.


  • She doesn't like water.But I might find her a toothbrush and bucket for her to do it next time

  • O Richard what are you like?! time to take it easy and just enjoy the nice weather,that's an order by the way! same goes for Annieseeds Brian! behave yourselves or there will be trouble!!!! ;) :p x

  • I am at your mercy hufferpuffer ,I promise to take it easy from now on

  • Hope you have recovered by now x

  • Few more days and I will be as right as sunshine nixy

  • Oh Richard

    You poor chap.

    You should have a bit of my take on life. If you can leave it until tomorrow then leave it.

    A little at a time is good. Anything else is BAD!!!!

    What would we do if you really mess yourself up!!!?!?!!

    Take care of yourself and leave the terrace for a while.

    Love and hugs



  • Ok annec,message understood


  • I hope you are feeling much better now Richard.

    Love cx

  • Nearly blue a fuse in the ticker box! cofdrop

  • Oh, poor Richard, I hope you're feeling better now.... we did miss you :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Nice to know I was missed Sandra


  • Well, us insomniacs do like to keep track of days, and when you don't blog .... we have 48hr days .... :o

    Sandra x x x

  • I never thought of it like that,My apologies to all insomniacs on the forum of which I am sure there are plenty!


  • Wondered where you were!! Didint know you were being blown up,by a pressure washer!!!

    Do be careful or I won't have a smile,over my cuppa xxx

  • I will try to be in control of myself in future.It is one of those silly things Wendells,you forget what keeps you going until it goes wrong,


  • Get better soon sorry to hear your poorly slow down a bit and take things easy Love to Badger too Julie xx x

  • Badger enjoyed it,He had a few extra hours in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope you are feeling better now. Take care of yourself. xxxx

  • I think I need a fulltime exblonde to take care of me


  • Sorry Richard she is in the daft-as-a -brush corner for misbehaviour lol


  • I won't disturb her,she will probly enjoy being there with some of her friends from here!

  • You take care Richard and hope today finds you in better health. xxxxxx :)

  • Out and about today sassy,nearly back to my normal


  • Hope you're up and about again now. It looks like a beautiful day (here in Leeds anyway)!

    Gina x

  • Been out this morning to a meeting but this afternoon was spent with feet up in the garden Gina


  • Your talking about doing the terrace got me feeling guilty so I stuck my nose outside the back door to see if the patio (sounds rather better than it is) had miraculously sorted itself out. It hadn't and I didn't. Maybe tomorrow. I didn't want to disturb the birds anyway!

    Gina x

  • Good thinking.I always put the birds first!!!!

  • Rather the pressure washer gave up the ghost than you Richard. Pressure washers don't do jokes!


  • It nearly made a joke of me Bobby.Vibrations don't affect the wifes heart!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really did miss your post.So sorry that you were ill and hope you are on the mend again.I suggest dont look down at the driveway and it wont look so bad or do as you say and do a bit at a time and not do as you do and try to do everything.Keep posting please - I depend upon a bit of a laugh

  • I never use bad language,but the pressure washer was not called a pressure washer on this occasion Hecter


  • Richard, do hope you're feeling better. While we all enjoy your humour, you should not look upon it as a daily chore - your health must come first, and if you're not up to it, take a break. There's no pressure to amuse us all day in, day out.

  • I just love doing it warwickstag,but I normally know my limits.On this occasion brain did not connect with the heart control.

  • Glad you are feeling better - and the moral is - take it a bit easier. I think we are all under our own pressure to keep active, but some things are best left to other people. Good Luck. Adrian

  • Cheers Adrian.I think if I had not been so arrogant in wanting to get the job done

    I would have been my usual self and left it to the missus.Or left it so that I could see the yellow poppies growing in the cracks, burst in to full bloom!

  • Get better soon miss my daily laugh xx

  • Don't worry undine your daily tonic is back on line

  • So glad you are around, King. Look after yourself, you keep us going. Love Anniseed xx

  • I'm back where I like to be annie, on here!

  • You keep a warm, friendly atmosphere, King, dont go anywhere. The door has been locked.

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