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My mum has copd

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Hi everyone,

My mum has Copd and has been taken into intensive care. At first she was receiving drugs and was put on an oxygen mask. The doctors then said this morning that this isn't enough, the best thing would be for her to be put under. That happened this afternoon, I've just received a phone call saying that they will also be putting tubes in her neck to help.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me of what to expect, or even just to reassure me of what's happening.

Many thanks

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I'm really sorry that I can't answer your question, but I didn't just want to read and run. I would suggest that you give the BLF's helpline a ring first thing tomorrow and speak to a nurse. They'll hopefully be able to answer your questions as to what's happening with your mum. You must be very frightened with everything that's happening but she's in the best place.

Marie x

It sounds as their going to sadate your mum and put a tube in her neck or trackea, where they attatch a ventilator. That will do the breathing for her while they try and sort out her breathing problem.

Having been in that position myself for a month I can assure you that your mum will no nothing about what is going on around her and if my experience is anything to go by she will be having the most amaizing dreams.

I think it will be harder for you but she is in very good hands with the ITU crew. I call it the place of miracles.


Hi Sparklies. The same thing as your mum happened to me at Christmas time, although I can`t remember much about it and my son and daughter were very concerned like you at the time. I was taken into hospital because I was acting confused and my breathing was bad. I was taken to icu and like your mum given drugs but they also had to perform a tracheotomy, that`s a tube in the throat to help with breathing. I was kept in an induced coma for a week, they do that because most people would panic if they were awake and also it gives the body a better fighting chance.

I spent over 5 weeks in hospital, Being in intensive care together with all the drugs you are given can be quite traumatic but please try not to worry too much, your mum is in the best place and will get the best care in there. All I can say is `be there` for your mum. I can always remember waking up from my coma and my son was holding my hand, I didn`t know he cared so much. Also after I had recovered enough I had tests and was given different medicines to help which help my copd.

Please let us know how she is.

Sue x

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PollyP in reply to SusieQs

Thank you SusieQs for posting such a caring, informative and supportive post to SparkiesMrs, I am fit and fine with COPD and have much to be grateful for, although if I ever find myself in SparkiesMrs's Mum's position I will have you advice in my pocket.

I wish SparkiesMrs's Mum a speedy recovery and continuing good health.

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SusieQs in reply to PollyP

Thank you for your lovely comment Polly.

Thanks for all your replies. It's nice to know that what my mum is going through sounds like a fairly standard procedure for people with copd (if you can call it that). I am very worried , but I know I need to stay positive. I am one of six kids so we are making sure that someone is there with mum every day. The doctors have been brilliant, they have said we can call them whatever the time is and have explained things the best they can. They have said that the drugs they are giving her won't start working for a few days and expect to have some news on Tuesday. I have been very blunt with them and asked if she is dying, they reassured me that that won't happen and she will recover. It's hard to belive with how she looks. I'm going to see her tomorrow so I will hopefully have news then.

Once again, thank you for telling me your stories, I really appreciate it.


Awe huni your mum is in the best place and if they say she will recovering sure she will 👍🏻, it looks bad to you I know but they will be giving her body a rest , and a chance of speedy recovery , hugs try stay positive huni

Hi Lisa

I'm really sorry that your Mum is unwell. I sometimes think that things are as awful for carers as they are for sufferers.

I haven't had any experience of what your Mum is going through but I am sure that some of the members here will have.

Your Mum being sedated is good - she won't know anything of what is going on. You, on the other hand, are completely aware and, no doubt, very anxious. Please try not to worry too much (I know that is probably a stupid thing to say).

Love and hugs



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Hi Lisa, so sorry to hear about your Mum, just wanted to send all good wishes for a speedy recovery for her. Its understandable you are so worried, but your sharing time to be with your Mum is a very special thing to help her through this time.

Big hugs for you and all the family.

BC xox.

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Well done you...seeking info from here and from docs. Glad there is reassurance for you for what on the surface looks so bad... better is on its way:) x

So sorry for your worrying time, it happened to my Mum and she made a complete recovery, when she came to, she was confused for a couple of weeks, they realy know what they're doing in ICU, saying prayers for your Mum and the family, huff x

I have no experience like this myself,and to be honest I hope I never do. The replies are really supportive though so it all looks very promising. It will be worse for you and the family in many ways.

Let us know how she gets on.

Lynne xx

The others have all offered you good information which I can't. What I can do is wish you and your mum a happy outcome to all of her troubles.

Bobby xxx

sorry to hear your mum is very poorly, I am sorry I do not know the procedure your mum will go through,but I wish her well


I spoke to my dad, he's been with her all day and she is still the same. The doctors woke her up to take a chest xray but put her under again. I am going to see her tonight and will ask if her xrays have shown any improvement. They have also told my dad she will be under for a few more days.

I have decided to keep a log of everything to help her realise what she has been through in the hope this will stop her smoking when she's out. Do you think this is a good idea? I don't want to upset her but I also want her to realise how serious this is and giving up smoking is the only way her life will improve.

Thank you all for your kind words. It means a lot.

Lisa xx

Hi, Like many others I have also been through Intensive Care with COPD, please be assured your mum is in the best place and she will survive. I had a tracy which was just be low my voice box so I could not speak which can be very frustrating, make sure that if she has had the same, which is quite normal, make sure they explain it to her as it can be frustrating trying to talk when absolutely nothing comes out. My love and best wishes, your mum will get over this and been her old self before you know it.

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SparkiesMrs in reply to Chinka

Hi chinka

My mum had the tracheotomy today, they slowly took her off the sedation but she was getting distressed this evening so she's been put back on again. I don't believe she's as under as she was with the tube in her mouth. I'm very disheartened by this, I know it's the first day and I'm expecting too much too quickly. Do you remember if they done a similar thing with you?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa. X

Wishing a speedy recovery for your Mum and peace of mind and support for you xx

I've been to the hospital and found out that mum has pneumonia. They are treating it though. I didn't realise but she isn't that far under, apparently she can hear us. Which at first I didn't belive but then she started moving her lips and eyebrows. The nurse asked me if I would help wash her hair, as I did mum needed to cough so she started gagging which scared me a bit. But then she was moving her legs, her arms were moving and she looked at me. Straight at me! Now I'm thinking she probably didn't see me but it's made me feel so much better seeing her eyes open.

The only thing that concerns me is she is very hot and puffy. Her hands are the worst, her fingers look like they have doubled in size. I spoke to the nurses about it and they have said still no change but are happy with how her chest sounds and her stats. The doctors also said they will perform a tracheotomy when the times right on a temporary basis. Is this better for her? Can she talk to us when she has that in?

I want to stay positive but I find it hard to believe, seeing her there tonight that I will see her back to normal some day.

Lisa xx

Hello Lisa. I sent you a message earlier. I`ve just read your last message and would like to say that I too had pneomonia. Apparently I caught a flu virus going round and it developed from then. I had a tracheotomy after two days but I don`t know why they waited but rest assured they know what they are doing. No, your mum will not be able to talk but all will be fine after a few days. The first sign language I learnt was telling the nurses that I wanted a cup of tea!

I puffed up but that is common and it won`t last long, its nothing to worry about.

I`m back to normal now and your mum will be again.

Sue x

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Hidden in reply to SusieQs

Thanks goodness for you Sue. x x

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SparkiesMrs in reply to SusieQs

Hi sue,

Mums had the tracheotomy today, as you will see from my reply to Chinka she's been sedated again which has really disappointed me. I think I'm expecting too much. If you don't mind me asking..... Was your recovery long winded? I'm not expecting her to be out in a week or anything but I thought she would be awake by now.

Lisa xx

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Following on from Sue's comment perhaps have a pen and pad at the ready for her to communicate when she is ready. Do you thinks she will be able to manage that Sue?

Hope your Mum is feeling better soon Lisa x x

I can't say it enough, I'm very thankful for all your comments.

I went to see mum again today, I was so happy when they told me they are waking her up and taking the breathing tube out. When they brought her back she came round a was confused for a little bit until my dad spoke to her and she knew straight away where he was and put her hand out for his. Unfortunately they decided for today it was best to put her back under. Which was a shame because the happiness I saw on my dad's face had disappeared, I hadn't seen him happy in what feels like ages. They have said they will try again tomorrow which gives me hope. I just want to have a conversation with her, I miss her so much!

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