My Love Poem...........................KOTC

.....................................My Love Poem

Of course I love you darling

You're a really top notch bird

And when I say you're gorgeous

I mean every single word

So your bum is on the big side

I don't mind a bit of flab

It means that when I'm ready

Thre's something there to grab

So your belly isn't flat no more

I tell you I don't care

So long as when I cuddle you

I can get my arms round there.

No girl who is your age

Has nice round perky breasts

They just gave in to gravity

But I know you did your best

I'm telling you the truth now

I never tell you lies

I think it's very sexy

That you've got dimples on your thighs

I swear on my nanna's grave now

The moment that we met

I thought you was as good as

I was ever gonna get

No matter what you look like

I'll always love you dear

Now shut up while the crickets on

And fetch another beer



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34 Replies

  • Love it!

    another classic from KOTC!

    koala x

  • The clssic oldies are the best koala

  • you,ve been talking to my old man eh King



  • I know,so you better keep looking out!

  • Hmm... consider yourself slapped! --- But, on the other hand - very funny :-)

  • Ooh ah ooh ah ouch!

  • If I tried that King I would probably get the beer alright but it would be a beer shampoo which is very good for the hair I believe. :)


  • You will have to im prove your love patter!

  • You are naughty king (lol)

  • I know,but you do like it!

  • You always make me laugh :)

  • Round and round the garden like a teddy bear one step two steps,tickle under there

  • Wicked...King. xxx

  • Well really,am I that bad.Oh dear.I will clean my acy up for you.

    Insy whinsy spider!!!!!!!!

  • I love your cheeky jokes! :D X

  • What you might call a bit on the bum sideEh?

  • Oh.... baaaad Kingy...... but we still luvs ya ;) x x x

  • I am not bad very often and I love you too

  • Ooh a bit sexist King,but very clever!! xx

  • Ooh no no no.Realist

  • Nice One

  • I thought it would tickle your fancy

  • so funny well done again Julie xx x xx

  • I know you would be only too pleased to fetch a beer

  • Tried not to laugh, but had too. :)

  • Don't ever hold it in,let the laughter out

  • Just so brilliant as usual.So true to life

  • You mean you actually fetch the beer,Good on you

  • I see you are better now - good - thanks - might later when I have time quote a little poem to you to redress the balance so to speak you....

  • I did know you were undressed!!

  • good one King, hubby and I had a good laugh, I found a lot of myself in the flabby bit


  • It is nice to have something to cuddle,and I bet hubby agrees with me

  • Very good thanks for the giggle.

  • You sound like a naughty little school girl giggling!

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