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I'm back!

Hello all.

My pneumonia has finally left and I'm feeling a lot better lung wise although I'm a bit more breathless than usual now.

It's been a couple of months of feeling dreadful and as you know I lost my dog in February which tore me apart.

On the bright side I have a new puppy! A real Heinz 57 and she's going to be very big going by her paws! Probably German Shepherd size which will dark my other 2! I took her on from a rescue centre, she's 11 weeks old and already knocks on the back door to go out and do her business, sits, gives poor and I've trained her to come with a clicker! Wow! She's amazing and just a cutie. She will never replace my beloved Pebble but I feel happier with having 3 dogs again and it keeps me active and less disinterested in general life!

Thank you for your kind messages over the past weeks, I was very touched.

Just thought I'd update you all!

Hope everyone's well and breathing just fine.

Mike xx

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Hi Mike, so glad to hear you are better,pneumonia,does take it out of you,so don't over do it!

A new puppy,how wonderful,that will take your mind off things!! She sounds a beauty, so happy for her too, that she has found a good home.Keep smiling.

Wendells xxx


Hi, I'm a recent addition here. Sorry to hear about Pebble - it's losing a member of the family, but glad you have a new puppy, especially a rescue. Taking my dog out is the main reason I leave the house some days, but can't imagine bundling three in the car! Hope you're back to feeling well. Off to bed now, see if I can get to sleep.

Gina x


Hi Mike. It's great to see you back and fighting fit (as much as we ever are). It's good to hear you have a new little dog to add to the others.

Hope to see you on here more now.

Lynne xx


Hullo, Mike. I dont we have spoken before. I have had pneumonia which takes time to go, so I am pleased that you are better. Getting a new pet is such a thrill. They make a big difference to life. Big company. We have a cat here who rules the roost!

All the best from annieseed (annie80) xxxx


Hi mike Ian a newbie here so sorry to hear about you losing your digit had to have mine put down 1yr today it broke my heart but we we had to do it Cos she had breast cancer and because of her age she was 17 and wouldn't survive sorry for going on with myself glad your feeling betting in yourself to :) xx


Glad you are feeling better Mike. Wishing you lots of happy times with your new puppy, she sound like she has settled in with you quite nicely already :)

BC x


Thank you everyone! It's nice to see familiar faces and a big thanks to the new members too! Great to see new people joining us.

Thanks again all

Mike x


Hi Mike

Glad you are feeling a lot better - nice to see you posting again.

your new dog sounds adorable - you should have plenty of fun with her.

love cx


Nice to have you back on the scene Mike.Keep us in touch with doggy tails.

Don't forget your daily humour tonic




Glad to hear you are getting better Your new pup sounds adorable and how lovely to hear that you took her from a rescue centre too Do you know what breed may possibly be in her? It sounds like the high level of intelligence she is showing at such a young age that she may have a breed such as GSD in her I lost 1 of my dogs a year ago and I know how absoloutley awful the pain is We got another dog eventually as my other one was pining so got a GSD for my sons 30th birthday pressie ( I can not tell you how much he does for me and his dad who is disabled so wanted to get himself something special) anyway her level of intelligence is amazing 1 accident in all the time we have had her She always asks to go out and at training school picks up things straight away Enjoy your puppy and take care Julie xx


Hello Mike, glad to see you back and on the road to recovery! Your puppy sounds lovely,I'm so pleased you have a new addition, keeping you well exercised! keep on truckin,huff xxx


Just like you i lost one of me dogs in January so now i only got two.

They are like children one likes to cuddel up to you and the other one

wimpes for anything but all in all he will not leave the wife side if she takes

him out .plus if he see,s me struggling to breath he lets the wife know by

barking all the time and he will stay by my side until i say ok or the wife or one

of my sons comes . So i glad for you that you have found a nother dog .

She will keep you fit good luck.;-)


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