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Manuka Honey

I was reading Hufferpuffer comment to sid48 about drinking manuka honey. Hope you are still around Hufferpuffer to anwer this query. I am interested how you are drinking the manuka honey, are you adding a teaspoon or dessertspoon to water and drinking? Or have you found a liquid manuka honey source?

I know the value of the honey and I do take it like a supplement when I am feeling under the weather but I usually then just take a teaspoon a day straight.

I see on Amazon now they are doing manuka and bee propolis drops.

Thanks for any input.

Have a great day everyone and a great weekend too. :)


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would like to know more about manuka honey have been takeing it for 6months now.but not sure what its suppose to be doing..itake a spoonfull on my weetabix every morning...thanksx

Here are a couple of links evo to read more about it:

I have a drink of manuka honey every day I just melt a teaspoonful in warm water and drink it like that. There are many ways to use it some use it to sweeten drinks some like evo use it on cereals. The point is to take it in the way it suits you.

The only thing I would say is beware of cheap versions Manuka is measured in quality ratings and the higher the quality the more costly obviously I am currently using Active 10+ which I got from Sainsbury's. Apparently it increases immunity and healing (try it on a cut).

A useless piece of information did you know Honey is the only thing in nature that does not go mouldy?



Woah Jandan, I didn't know that! I knew it had a reputation for helping healing and could help with skin conditions on babies. I buy local honey and have a teasp on my porridge each morning. Happy healing. :-) Alison

That's a very interesting point Jan,never thought of that! You see we can always learn something new,thankyou.xx

I use manuka honey 15+.

It's supposed to help fight infections and has antibacterial properties. I can't decide if it really does, but it's worth a go. I either just have a spoonful or make it into a hot drink with lemon and ht water.

Lynne xx

Mines only UMF 5+ but that is £8 a pot or £6 if on special, I figure any is better that non but probably the 15+ is the best to go for if pennies can stretch that far.

I cant get to Sainsburys so where is the best place to buy Manuka honey and the best type?

Annie here is an interesting article about it and also there is a selection of sellers at Amazon and I have put that link here for you



Thanks, Jandan - appreciated.

You can get it from HOLLAND AND BARRET they sell time to buy when its buy one get the other for a penny nice with hot water and lemon x

Where is the best place to buy this honey?

Have a look at the Amazon link I posted or your local Supermarket could sell it

I buy mine from the local health food shop, usually they have a selection of grades and makes. You need the New Zealand Manuka Active Honey with UMF Unique Manuka Factor, I left the link above for evo1510 (2nd link) explains about UMF.

The best manuka honey for real effectiveness is +25 strength ,u can take it just off the spoon,or as a warm drink,never use boiling water it destroys its effectiveness.It is very expensive but I have found it really helps with the niggly coughing,I have IPF and emphysema .The cheapest site I have found is

If you buy 2 or more they give you some free,it works out the cheapest anywhere.It supposed to help the immune system and we all need to try to keep as healthy as we can with these awful lung problems we all have on this site.hospitals now use honey dressings for ulcers etc as it heals so well.My husband won't let me go out of the door until I have taken my spoonful.Try it please I know it's expensive but it is our health andvatbthe end of the day I want to live .Linda

I was treated with Manuka Honey on my chest wound after I had a triple by pass. I had a severe infection (not MRSA) and it seemed to bring down the inflammation very quickly. When I was discharged they sent me home with a tube and a prescription for the district nurse.

I never thought of eating it, I am an insulin dependant Diabetic, so taking honey can be risky.



That's interesting David, I guess it was probably medical grade manuka honey.

Its a shame if you can't take any honey, it would be a good alternative sweetener

Thanks for sharing, I've never thought about buying the medical grade honey for wounds.

Best wishes.


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