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Hi Everyone,

At last the sun shines for a day or too, Not been on for a while but viewing daily in my in box, I have been signed off now from the Hospital, no change in Spiro in 12 months lung function 99% and the specialist says she is quietly confident the very small patch is localized and should cause no issues hopefully. I have a 3 Infection per year window allowance but so far in 12 months all clear and fit.

However when I lay down the gravity up-sets the mucus and it then becomes loose and you have to cough it sounds so chesty, also in the car it seems to aggravate the mucus. Apart from that personal trainer 2 x times a week and 3 more sessions in the Gym.. However after 18 months of finding that small area on a CT scan it really bothered my anxiety and life on a daily basis..

Its really hard to get over it and move on, have tried CBT and told I am lucky compared with others but having a carers role for my teen daughter its a hard one.. I get muscle pains in my back at night which move around and seem to feed my health anxiety more and more ... this being the issue for me as in my mind its lung cancer and being an ex smoker

I beat my self up daily with this guilt... anyone else feel the same or share the same issues.. By the way I am a very lucky mid 50's Mum I have to say and life is good if only I could trust Dr's and move on ...

Enjoy the sunshine !!

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Hello birthday, I relate to all.you say I paticular the muscle spasms at night. And docs I have been lucky to change mine to a new surgery ,, haven't met them yet , I'm also 55 I see hospital consultant and he gave me mucodyne caps which I have found helpfull I also thought I had lung cancer, but I know I haven't




Thank you Jen do let me know how you get on, I tried the tabs about 12 months ago but I am not able to expel so they did not have any use for me, I don't take anything at all, I am just on anti histamines for the rape seed allergy but that's all.no sprays etc. I don't think I need surgery as its a very small area and they believe as I had 2 children with whooping cough that I picked up the strain but who knows the damage is there.. Which Hospital are you under? Best Regards Sue


Dgh. Eastbourne I hade those allergy tests last week , I'm glad to say that I'm not allergic to anything, it's a shame about muc tabs but I remember the consultant saying they will work or they won't keep well as you can

Regards jan


Thanks Jan, good to chat, thank you and I wish you well. xx


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