Hi all ;) Wow!! what a lot of responses to my post - Im overwhelmed I have to say! Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement. It's comforting to know that that there is so much support and advice out there if you know where to look. I too have stumbled across American sites, and quickly realised they were not for me! At last the internet has come up trumps and found me a site that actually does what it says on the tin! I will take on board the advice and tips on quitting smoking so thanks guys ;) Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend & the sun keeps shining! Keep healthy peeps x

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  • Thank Rastagilly, and right back atcha ... sorry, couldn't help that ... talk to too many Americans I do.... :)

    Have a nice and enjoyable weekend :)

  • Lol! Have a good weekend yourself ;)

  • Any exciting plans? Please I need to live vicariously through others ..... :) LOL

  • No plans exactly but my 2 grandchildren are here this weekend (along with my son) so they will keep me on my toes! They will no doubt wear me out, but they do make me smile ;) Probably take them to the park if the weather holds out, lucky enough they understand that Nanny G has to take it easy which makes things a tad easier (they are 3 & 5), what about you?

  • Oh, the only exciting thing I'll be doing is icing the cakes for the gala today ..... and then the rest of the weekend is mine to squander :) LOL

  • Don't forget Raptors party Saturday night. :P

  • I'm glad you felt welcomed Rastagilly. On the whole it is a lovely supportive site for people with lung disease.

    Lynne xx

  • Big welcome to the madhouse... It helps xxx

  • Glad you've joined the site Rastagilly, it's informative, helful, supportive and good fun which we all need.

    Lib x

  • Welcome to the site tastefully :) xx

  • Sorry meant to put rastagilly my silly phone keeps,playing up sorry ,:) xl

  • hi all, new to all this, diagnosed c o p d last year, mild .In Feb had pneumonia, then had T I A in April , now awaiting 24 hour ecg. Sound sad old soul, but feel ok. Managed 5 days in Scotland last week with friend, absolutely shattered, but lifted my spirits .Sun shining, waiting for daughter and sweet grand children to call and take me out . Life still has a lot going for me, even though I am an old ruin. Hope the sun shines on you all today .

  • Hiya Dodibatt. there are lots of sad old souls no here (mainly our female contingent) but there are also happy chappies like me. Stick around and have fun.

    Bobby xx

  • Welcome Dodibatt from one the happy old female souls on here :) Na, na, na, na, na, nah Bobby xx

    The site is a fount of useful information, help and support and a bit of fun thrown in for free :)

  • Hello and welcome from the helpline! Hope to hear more about you soon.

    Take care

    H (BLF helplinecounsellor)

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