Recession what recession?

I went to the hairdressers today - very busy, then went for Lunch at The Didsbury Arms - car park full and nearly every table taken, the to John Lewis to buy a present - lots of people around and queues at the till - all be it not long ones.

This is on a Friday so goodness knows what it is like on a Saturday. Now I know that it is half term but a lot of these people were not with children so how come when we are being told there is no money about and that the middle classes are being hit hard how come all this money is floating about?

Yes OK I am admitting I was spending as well but it was my first trip out for a while and could only go because I had my protection with me - son and daughter and wheelchair -but I was amazed at how busy everywhere was.

Anyway I was just wondering and before you ask I had a great time until the bloody pot pourri and scented candles got me in John Lewis and I had to come home :(

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  • Nice to know that the shops are busy. I am afraid in this small market town, the high street is full of empty shops. But the good pubs round here do a good trade.

  • Our High Street's dead too. Cafes, charity shops, cash for gold, bookies and estate or rental agents.

  • Really sad walking down the high street. I can remember it when it was buzzing back in 1968. Who is to blame - Tescos on the edge of the town/online shopping etc.,etc. I dont know whether anyone has visited to see related topics.

  • Hey, well done on your hike out - and oh boy, the scented candles section is awful!

    Must be the lovely weather bringing them out and making them feckless with the cash ! :)

  • I wonder that too sometimes. It makes me laugh though when the likes of these sofa stores complain about the lack of sales in March. How many sofas do you need after buying one on special offer "in time for Christmas"? Same with electrical stores. How many 80" TVs can you fit in a 13' x 13' living room?

  • I think today would have been payday for a lot of people, so that probably helped add to the throng.

  • We have a sitting room 15' x 12'. I said that a 32" tv was just the right size for it. Wifey said it needed a 40". So I put my foot down. We now have a 40" tv.

    Bobby xxx

  • as it should be Bobby, as it should be .....

  • Our local high st is always like a ghost town nowadays. Sympathise Jan over the candles etc. Its always the perfume department that sets me off. Best wishes Juliex

  • I must admit that I still use perfume, roll on deodorant and hairspray ... mainly on the days I'm working. I don't use any of it when I'm at home all day. I don't feel confident enough to go to work without it .. don't want to have people backing off when they're talking to me!! Plus I would hate for HR to want a quiet word. :-)

  • I cant remember the last time I went on to any high street, & money sure not flowing from me :(


  • ... And now we read that this Government wants to make it even easier to fill the vacant shops with outlets for even more Bookies and Loan Agencies ,would have thought there is enough personal Debt about already , without encouraging more !, and as for Pubs, heard yesterday on the News that TWENTY FIVE A WEEK are closing down - the Supermarkets must be rejoicing at this news, but certainly not the staff and Landlords. - Oh dear.....

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