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Jet washing the car...Don't do it !!!!!

I had my car jet washed about a month ago and since have noticed getting some water in the headlamp covers.yesterday the front indicator bulb blew so this morning I went to get a new bulb.when I put it in there eas so much water in there that it was soaking everything,guy next door trying to help soak the water up to no avail,why are these things made for baby hands I thought take it to a friend of mine who works at local garage.anyway,by jet washing the car it broke the seals because the jets are so powerful,he said should never jet wash a car because of this.Anyway at 2pm I have to take it back to the garage and have two new headlamp clusters fitted.........£305 it's expensive car wash

Angry or what !!!! :( :( 1st and last time do that

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Insurance? Accidental damage.

OK, so it will affect the no claims and all that, unless you had it protected. Or sue the jet wash people... ;)

That is a cautionary tale! A lot of money as you say.

Lynne xx

Very interesting.

Here in Oxfordshire some supermakets (Sainsburys) have employed 'Car Washers' while you shop. They are brill, for 5£ even get the bird s**** off the car lol

Gosh, they really do a good job, a job that I can no longer do.

Never tried the Jet. And thank you for that . . . and now never will.

hugs from Ros.

We have a similar gang at our Sainsbugs but having seen them drop their sponge on the floor, pick it up and then vigorously sponge the car, I have since declined their offers to clean since I quite like my paintwork without scratches. It possibly helps that my bessie mate does car valeting :)

I did worry about that but so far they do a great job.

Hmm, I will bop them on the nose if the scratch my car.

hugs from Ros

That's what we like to hear - feisy nose-bopping women - yay!! :)

Ruddy thugs!

Bobby xxx

Feisy or feisty?

I take mine ( a Motability car) to a local car wash run by four nice Polish gentlemen. They do a super job with great care. They do it inside and out and it is a tenner. Well worth it.

Bobby xxx

Same here,some polish guys,there a great bunch and do a great job in and out for a tenner,and a free air fresher.they are good,but have to rethink about power washing again though !


It's the old story Jambo, you keep going back to where you have been satisfied before. I have been using these guys for four years and never had a problem. I've even taught them to swear properly in English. lol


I know what you mean,they are a great bunch of guys and really do a great job.might ask them to be a bit gentle next time and no jet wash,sure they won't mind.Anyway if I had to do it myself would never get done,knackered just carrying the bucket. I reckon it was just one of them things'john

Teams like this are very good and very conscientous, too. We lost ours temporarily to make for a Macdonalds (thrill) but they are relocated not far away.

Keep mine dirty it holds the thing together :D

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