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sore throat

hiya was wondering if anyone else with copd gets sore throats . i keep getting a sore throat i have no tonsils . i went to doctors the other day i had to see a nurse cos docs were full . this throat came on a fornight ago then went . it came back last friday i also developed a red small rse patch on my breast . thinking it was the infection coming out through my chest wall . the nurse told me to cream my breast and gave me 15 antibiotics . is this what we are comin too seeing nurses instead of gp x could it be my meds ??

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Hi Chrissy, sorry to hear about the sore throat. I've been putting mine down to a change in inhalers, recent chest infection, persistent coughing, oh, and this changeable weather!

I've a super respiratory nurse, and would far prefer to see her than the doctor - at least I have eye-contact with the nurse. My nurse has changed my meds 3 times in as many weeks, trying to regulate and ease my breathing. She prints the scripts out, but gets the doctor to sign them.

If you're using inhalors, I've found it's not sufficient to just rinse my mouth out after using them, but to also gargle.

I do hope your sore throat gets better soon. Take care :)


Chrissy make an appointment to see your GP. I don't get sore throats I also don't have my tonsils. I have a good resp nurse like Sandra, but if you're not happy make sure you see a doctor.

Lib x


I had a sore throat when I started on my inhaler. Did a bit of research on this forum and BLF website and found that if I rinsed and gargled and also brushed my teeth before repeating rinsing and gargling I no longer get the sore throat. Maybe worth a try?

PT x


I swear by Olbas pastilles when I get a sore throat although some people think they are an acquired taste they work great for me - hope yours gets better soon.


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