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Watch: the psychological impact of COPD online surgery

Hello all,

You can now catch up with our latest online surgery which covers topics such as depression, anxiety, and their treatment, as well as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and strategies to help patients cope.

You may find it helpful if you're living with, or looking after someone with, a lung condition other than COPD as well.

The surgery is hosted by Karen Heslop, Nurse Consultant/NIHR Clinical Academic Research Fellow at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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Thank you



Watched the online surgery as I get anxiety and depression. Thanks for putting it on the site.

Lib x


You're welcome Lib, hope you found it helpful.


Oh what a brilliant video, thank you so much for recording and posting it.

I think the psychological side to a lot of illnesses is massive and all too frequently ignored, it is great what you're doing in Newcastle.

Since a horrible few months with whooping cough aged 34 I have had cough phobia. It means I completely avoid public transport and pretty much panic when I hear someone cough more than just clearing their throat. I had bronchitis an awful lot as a child and have hd asthma all my life, but it was whooping cough that affected me so much psychologically.

I can't even begin to imagine how much COPD must affect someone, I know I'd be terribly anxious.

I couldn't agree more with you when you say about breathing problems having a psychological impact.

koala xxxx


We're so glad you liked the video koala!

Sorry to hear you've been struggling. Indeed it isn't just COPD which can have an impact on wellbeing but we thought Karen's advice was great and applicable to a number of lung conditions - so we hope you can take something from it.

If you or anyone else is interested there's lots more videos on our YouTube page which may be on interest too:

Best wishes.


Karen Heslop's talk about depression and panic attacks explained exactly how I feel on times. The video was reassuring and very helpful. Thank you.


Great to hear the video,surprised in a way,there wasn't more questions! However they did cover things well. Thanks,



Hi, great to see that the psychological aspects of COPD are being acknowledged. That was the subject of my dissertation for my degree and I was astounded by the lack of research into it as it has wider implications into NHS costs beyond the treatment of COPD on its own. Thanks for a very interesting video. Take care, Richard.


Thanks for posting this it was very intresting. My big problem is when I get breathless I cough and cough so every one looks if I'm I out and I get so embarresed. This has stopped me from even trying to do things in public.


We're so pleased you all found it helpful! Karen will be delighted to hear your feedback.


This was so interesting, thanks very much


Very very good and covered an awful lot that just isn't to be found on good ole google

well put together and very informative for all.


Ive just watched this video and thankfully realised I am not the only one who feels like this. Although anxiety I just about cope with as have spent many years undergoing major surgery for urological problems but I find Im so angry with this COPD.

Some days are not so bad others I cant even get out of bed no actual breathing symptoms just feeling unwell. I now have to ask my children to do more for me and have never asked or needed help in the past ever. Ive always been there for them no matter what that's been my strength but that has all been taken away by this COPD. I do live alone but my family are all close by but it is still absolutely horrible to have to ask them when I need it to come and cut the grass, do me shopping things I always did for myself.

Anyway thank you again for this video made me feel a lot less like Im the only one.



Thank you so much for this video. Although I don't feel very depressed I have the feeling of being useless. I can't do much as when I try I think I'm going to choke and have to sit down. The worst time is the morning when I get up and try to get dressed. I feel really frightened. I must say the video gave me the feeling of Not Being Alone which does help. Thank you


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