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Olympic Torch (1 year on)

Its a year since the Olympic torch passed this way. It brings back memories of the day a consultant from ITU phoned and asked if it was ok if he nominated me to carry the torch.

After about 1 milli second of thinking about it I said 'yes of course you can'

He said there was an official entry form which he e-mailed to me as I had to read and authorise his attatched note, giving the reasons he thought I should have the opportunity to carry the torch.

To put it simply the reason he said he nominated me was I should not have survived the double pheumonia which came so close to taking my life. It didn't make easy reading when you read that about yourself but I new he was right.

When I finally left the intensive care unit after two and a half months, still 3 and a half stone lighter than when I entered and bed ridden they told me I was now their new record holder for the longest staying patient. Its a record I could do without but hey' I was alive!

Well I didn't get the torch but I watched it pass the garage where I had worked for 30 years where I took the attatched photo. (should have been me)

I still consider myself to be so incredibly lucky to be here as it took a massive effort from all the teams concerned to get me back to where I am now.

If ever I feel a little low I only have to think back to those bad old days when life really was in the balance and I soon return to the happy go lucky person that I am these days.

I may have another battle to face if the transplant happens but at least I have sort of been there and done it which should help 2nd time around.

It was watching the olympics that inspired me to up my exercise to new levels which has really benifited me so much. I'm in much better shape now so its a big thanks to Seb Coe and his team for what was an amaizing olympics and its timing came perfectly to give me the kick up the behind that was needed to push on and help myself.

Tony. (the olympic torch bearer wanna-be) :)

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You are a true star Tony :) and don't need to have been a torch-bearer to validate that

It would have been great to have carried the torch but I'm just being greedy now. I think I should settle for being alive eh' scrobbitty.

You are allowed to be and very glad you are alive an kicking ! :)

Yes, alive and kicking was more appealing than the alternative. :) there was a time when I almost gave in but then the thought of leaving my family soon brought me to my senses.

That strength of conviction will carry you through - we can amaze ourselves at times with our spirit and strength :) Nice one, Tony x

Hear ,hear

Thanks Jr, they were tough days and anyway I can live without a blooming great metal torch on the mantlepeice.

Congratulations and well done Tony, you are a stayer and a torch bearer to many here already. Thanks for staying with us and sharing your story.

Auntymary xx :)

Hi Auntymary, Iv'e just remembered a time when I caused a bit of a panic on ITU. Whilst on the ventilator and being fed through tubes up my nose the nurses would allow my wife to give me the odd ice cube to suck on. Well I convinced them to let me lick a twister lolly but when it came within biteing reach I took a great big bite out of it. All hell broke loose while I just lay there wondering what I had done wrong.

It seems as though your not meant to eat while you have a tracky, well how was I supposed to know and anyway it tasted brilliant. :)

And you live to tell the tale, You will always remember that twister. ;)

Big love to you Tony. xx

Wow Tony,you have truly walked the walk!! So glad you are still alive & kicking,to show others how it's done!! Fingers crossed, that you get news soon xxx

Well done and congratulations, keep up the good work.

I wish I had 10% of your guts and determination Tony. I take my hat off to you.

Best regards from Bobby

I feel sad you didn't carry the torch but delighted that you have found inspiration from the Olympics! Keep up the good work. TAD xxx

You are carrying a torch for all of us Tony.Keep the flame burning.


Tony you may not have got to carry the Olympic torch but you certainly carry the torch of hope and endurance for all of us xxxx

Get those new lungs mate, and with your determination you can run in the marathon at the next olympics, an inspiration to all..

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