Keep off the chocolate

The following is based on an article which appeared on ChristiaNet

Chocolate allergies may cause asthma symptoms in susceptible people.. Some of the ingredients used include soy lecithin, phenyl-ethylamine, nuts, theo-bromine, and dyes.

Chocolate allergy symptoms may include anxiety and difficulty breathing due to inflammation of the airway, Treatments include antihistamines, bronchodilators and corticosteroids. The treatment largely depends upon the severity of the symptoms or reaction to the allergen. Avoidance will help to prevent the reaction and discomfort.

Just thought you would like to know.


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Thank you for this information. Will try to stay clear x

I just knew there was an alternative culprit to the cause of my numptysema :) but I raise you an alternative view of chocolate on that wonderful site run by Saga UK at :

:D :D

Don't all the old people go on Saga?

No, they let people in who choose not to remember when their birthday actually is :)

Thought you were too young to go on there. Told me behind the bike sheds you were only 39. Tiger!

Love from Bobby xxx

Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! Did I not tell you sometimes I lie ;) x

Nope xxx

Lot of lies behind the bike sheds glad I joined you. Lost out on this fun cos I went to an all girls school. bike sheds.............

It all happens behind the bike sheds. My first kiss, my first....... I will leave you to guess.

Love from Bobby xxxx

erm.........slap????? Am I close?

I missed so much, how can I make it up ?

I love chocolate but think i am allergic, it brings me out in fat!

Enjoy your day


Me too Kevin :)

Haha :-)

What!!!! Chocolate causes allergies??????

Don't worry Bobby - and everyone else alarmed and distressed by the above information - I'll take on the role of the site guinea pig .... and risk all the allergic reactions - well, it is for the betterment of mankind, after all.

Send all your chocolate to me - for research purposes only, you understand - and I'll let you know which ones I react to, and which ones are safe :) I estimate this could take a while, so please don't bombard me with messages, or expect any returns. I will report back annually :)

You can keep any Maltesers though, they are okay.... trust me.... in the last two weeks I've gone through 18 boxes .... They get the thumbs up from me.... no allergic reaction at all .... just slightly sickened of them.... but I'm sure this will pass ;)

Round to yours for a chocolate party then ! ;) if your willing to let others have some !!!

Pleeeeeeze :)

Jambo, shame on you .... this is serious research......on the hazards or chocolate ..... Is that a packet or Rollos .... come away in, man, come away in and join the Research party :) Just need your signature at the bottom of this H&S policy, so you're aware of the risks involved....

It is so good of you to put yourself at risk for everyone's safety Sandra. I will send all my chocolate to you immediately.

Ah! Oh no! Scrobbity, get 'ere. Where's my chocolate gone?

Bobby xxx

Told ya Bobby, a one-Scrobbity-crime-wave, that one .... there goes the research .... oh, bother ....:(

Thankyou Sandra, I agree with Bobby it is very good of you, parcel nearly wrapped. Do McVities milk chocolate biscuits count as chocolate ?

Lib x

Just to be on the safe side, you should include those too.... :) x x

Oops!! looks like i am testing a bar of white chocolate as I type. lol, I did not know about this so bought 4 bars in asda's as it was on a roll back - :) Anna

We will soon be able to roll you back Anna if you keep scoffin' choccy.

Love from Bobby xxx

hahaha!! I'm half way roll - able already, :)

We shall have to collate all of our immense data Anna, so I expect to hear how your clinical trials are going, in due time, of course :)

First bar now eaten, feeling slight nausea, but am putting that down to drinking hot coffee too quickly :)

All this data will indeed be so helpful. I concur that drinking hot coffee too quickly can make anyone feel icky.... your insightful findings are duly noted!

Keep up the good work - and remember to balance out your diet - baby chocolate - milk chocolate - and my fav - dark chocolate :)

I have all of these types stored in my fridge, will try milk chocolate next (when the coffee has gone down)


Generations of the future will thank you for your dedication :)

Going in now and I am trying a munchies choccy cookie, I am so brave Julie xxxx

Don't do it Julie ..... step away from those cookie ..... it could be fatal ....

For your safety, just wrap it up and post to me ..... I'm carrying out the research and I need all the resources everyone can supply ;) xx

Too late Sandra I have eaten it well I had to have 2 as the results of the first were not conclusive, so heroically I battled on and tried another one All good so far.. Julie xx

Julie, we have the ambulance on standby....

But well done in the research front .... It's okay folks - Julie has reported Munchies Chocolate Cookies are safe .... :)

Sandra x x x

Do I get a medal for my heroics? a choclolate one will do x xx x

Julie, Julie, Julie, all chocolate is reserved for research purposes only ..... have a Malteser instead :) I've already researched and found them to be safe ;)

Sandra x x x

I'm a rebel at heart in my teens I loved to be on the back of any long haired leather jacket clad lad's moterbike of course I never wore a helmet. In my 20's 30'sand 40's I smoked of course I knew all these things were dangerous but I loved doing them. In my 50's I eat chocolate, chocolate and chocolate :) hence going from a nifty size 10 to a not so nifty tight fitting size 14. I've given up things I did in my teens and in my 20 30 and 40's. But I'm not giving up my chocolate no way hosa. In my 60's I'm taking up drinking whisky, In my 70's I'm taking up nude sun bathing. In my 80's I'm going back wards and will be looking at motorbikes again and when I get to my 90's I'm starting smoking again.

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. xxx


Yeaaa,good on you :) xx

Mmmm size 14. Bit borderline for me. Better shift a pound or two if you want to be in with a chance. he he he Says size 18 Bobby.

Love from Bobby xxx

Baaad Bobby. Now young sir, I told you before, when you were wearing her shoes, now please desist from raiding her closet too! Oh, but nice choice of dress.... Really can't wait to go on that shopping trip with Sharon .... your good lady has such good taste .....

That's obvious, she picked me.

Bobby xxxx

Not a hope in hell I love my chocy too much :)

oh 'eck, beaten by a bar of Cadbury's. The shame of it.

Bobby xxx

Naw it was fry's chocolate cream that got ya!

Love to Bobby xx

My daughter-in-law used to work at Cadbury in Keynsham. We always used to get loads of very cheap choccy in those days.

Bobby xxxx

Not too fond of chocs but well up for a whisky party.........

I've got a whole load of allergies but I can eat chocolate (thank goodness!)

My lips and throat swell up, I get asthma, etc etc from stuff like raw fruit and veg, cleaning products, nuts, honey, pollen, dustmites and so on but chocolate is fine :-)

I know a girl who gets migraines from chocolate, it isn't rare to have problems with it.


Ok Koala, you are excused duty. But don't pass on any choccy to that Scrobbity.


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