Number of visits to GP to be capped ?

Number of visits to GP to be capped ?


The Government are floating plans to cap the number of times we are allowed to visit our GP.

If we run out of visits – because we've got a sickly child or long-term health condition, for example – we could be forced to pay to go elsewhere.

Over 100,000 have signed the petition so far. :)

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I have signed the petition.It's got to be a non starter



More info in The Independent -

Just signed really easy. Thanks Gordon


No brainer, signed.

Signed of course

Signed and shared with my facebook friends.

:) Anna

Yep me too :)

Goes without saying, I signed it too.

I've signed it. My grandfather fought in WWI, father fought in Burma in WWII. I have worked hard and raised my children. How dare rich politicians restrict my access to a gp. HOW VERY DARE THEY! If you go to America you have to have health insurance. Why don't visitors to this country get checked that they have insurance before entry. Our health service was never meant to treat the world! I am so cross about this. :-( Alison

I signed

Signed from both of us

I seriously think that this country is trying to reduce its population one way or another , signed with comment,

I've signed.will let others know aswell.

Signed it Gordon and left a few comments.

I've signed and passed it on to friends and family. It seems to me the government are intent on gathering nails for our coffins.

We've been reading the naughty journo's words again have we some people are so gullible, one person says something to get a reaction and everyone bites. lol.

Signed & posted on fb, horrified at the proposal but cant seem to find what the propose the cap should be.

Which would we prefer, a better NHS or a fast train that's going to ruin the countryside, there soon won't be anyone to go on the b****y train the way the NHS is going. I Will sign.

Lib x

very well said - couldn't agree more

Surely it would make more sense to charge for missed appointments. My own GP practice would rake in a fortune. The number of missed appointments is horrendous.


Totally agree. In my surgery they list how appointments missed last week. Around 28 missed - 15 minutes an appointment. I was amazed.

Britain is falling apart :-(

I just can't believe what is happening these days. The politicians come out with total cr@p like the NHS is the envy of the world, but then you hear appalling stuff like this.

Have they got no idea how it works in other western European countries? Nowhere is perfect but the three other countries i have lived in would be horrified by the NHS waiting lists, not seeing specialists within a week or so, cancelled operations and now this, it is a complete disgrace and is so terribly uncaring towards people who are ill.

Why the hell doesn't Britain start a system like Belgium or Germany where everyone is insured and the employer pays half and the person pays half? People on benefits are insured as part of their benefits. In Germany medical care is free at the point of delivery but you must give them your medical card, a sort of credit card with your photo. The bill goes directly to your insurance.

I am English and seriously scared of returning home with the state of the NHS being as it is.


We do kaola. Its called the Nationional Insurance Stamp. It is supposed to pay for medical treatment. And if the Government used the huge taxes raised by smokers into our nhs there would be plenty of money! But they use it to give millionaires a tax break and themselves rises and huge expenses...

Bev x

Signed and shared with my facebook friends.


Have signed.

Have signed!

Wish I could say I was lost for words, but this is just yet one more example where this Government shows utter contempt for our precious NHS and those they purport to represent. They are clueless. This, DLA etc. what next?

I have signed, commented and passed on to friends on Facebook.

Have signed, can I urge people to join up to 38 you'll get regular information about what the government are up to x x x

Once you sign a petition and giver your email address you will get the updates, unless you opt out. ;)

Already signed up. Fascinating info :-) Alison

Have signed, can I urge people to join up to 38 you'll get regular information about what the government are up to x x x

The sooner this government goes the better. Their respected leaders work against each other. Collection of prats.

Well said Annie, they won't be happy until we're dead and buried. No place for liabilities in Camerons Britain.

Signed though previously read about in the independant! Our government are a bunch of NUMPTIES.

Thanks Gordon just signed, my daughter is going to tell her people at the office about it as well, there will be more signatures from them I m sure.

Signed and shared on Facebook!! How DARE this idiot try to deny us the right to see our GPs as and when we need to.


Also signed. Thanks.

signed and shared with friends this has to stop.

Going to sign it very slow and dodgy internet permitting.


It's bad enough, in my opinion, to have a Tory government, but to have an incompetent one is just hell (for most of us) Yet another half baked idea, ill conceived and not properly thought out - I swear these stupid men come up with these idiocies after a full long lunch probably after much alcohol in their 'old boys' millionaires clubs - just nonsense - ...

Hmm, The Houses of Parliament are the biggest drinking clubs and subsidized Restaurants in the World ( by us taxpayers), - I know, I've been in there a few times to witness them , AND, leaving aside the rights and wrongs of smoking, THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN SMOKE in England - the very place that banned it for the rest of the country - the word hypocrisy comes to mind ......

whoops sorry just read the independent's report on this - still just the sort of stupid question the Tories would ask.

Just received the email as my live mail has gone caput, have signed the petition, this is a no go idea for those of us with chronic illnesses, so we will have to fight like mad. No one can predict how many times they will be ill in any one period and unfortunately Chronic sickness is not covered by most health insurance policies and in this country even if we know what prescription drug we need we can't buy it without seeing the GP also I fear this will only burden A & E even more with patients who rely on the NHS. Thanks for the news Richard

- Yet another reason to vote out these multi millionaires running / ruining the country in about 100 weeks time at the next General Election - who go " PRIVATE" when they need medical help and would'nt be seen quite literally dead in a NHS Hospital ........

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