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Ok people, listen up. With the large number of resident lunatics we have on here the question arises of "Why do we mess about so much?" Is it because we are naturally sociable comedians/comediennes (note the nod to the PC brigade) or are we just filling time with jokes while we are waiting for the next anguished soul to arrive? When one does arrive the hilarity immediately ceases and we all rush in to offer help and advice to the stricken one.

So, is there anything wrong with not talking about lung diseases all of the time? I would suggest not. We all have troubles of our own, serious ones in many cases. Joking relieves the stress of those somewhat.

So I say carry on messing about, just as long as we remember that some poor soul could come through that door at any moment. They may just need our help.

Love to all


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  • Hear hear,well said Bobby.just got home and was catching up on today's blogs.have noticed you've been a right hit with the ladies today.well done.keep up the good work x

  • Jambo

    It's easy when they can't see me Jambo. The two heads and the three legs. They would run a mile if they saw me. lol


  • It's not what you look like,it's saying the right thinks ? The ladies love that.look at my blog yesterday about not emptying the dishwasher,they all knew I was right but didn't want to say ;) ;) lol

  • Thought that was why you were here. Our running days are over. Aren't they? Still s'pose there's always roller skates, free with Kensitas coupons.

    Tina x :)

  • I would hate to allow my ill health to be all encompassing in every aspect of my life; it's bad enough physically, without it warping my personality, which is, on the whole, light hearted and good humoured.

    The banter on this site, not only jollies us participants along, but also those who had been feeling down too, and this in turn lightens their mood, and helps them once again regain their normal composure.

    Yes, we rush to the aid of those who are feeling the burdensome weight of their illness, because we too can have similar down days. Where else could we go and expect to be fully understood and get the support needed? We don't like laying it on our families; they have enough pressures coming to terms with our debilities, and only want us to be well again. .... as if, eh?

    Laughter is the best medicine, and I like laughing :) x x x

  • Wonderful words,so true.well said xxxxxx

  • well written Bobby. I agree with every word, and love the chat. Some days I can sparkle and join in like mad but others the weather gets to me and dampens my tongue!! But I still like to listen. Love you all !

  • Annieseed

    Just proving that I can be serious sometimes. Ok, that's serious done for the year, back to the lunacy. he he he

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Aw Hugs ((((Annie)))), we all have those days x x x

  • I have only been here a few months now,and in that time I have seen the warmth,love,support and help that all you guys share,when I was first diagnosed with my problems,Sue,the better half.was the only one who knew what was happening,even now I haven't really been honest with family and friends because I don't want people saying,ahhh,poor John.but with you guys it's different,there's not the pity,but there s the support,warmth and laughter.My kids for years have said to sue and I,why don't you go on Facebook ?? It's brill and you meet loads of people!always said,no thanks,can't be bothered with all that when you have no clue who you talking too.but you guys are one he'll of a fantastic bunch of people.and I would just like to say....thankyou

    :) xxxx

  • For a board filled with jokes which may in affect stop someone in need posting because they just don't feel like 'fitting in' for what ever reason, maybe they are grieving, worried about themselves or a spouse or just plain don't gravitate toward the same humour. I do not think the board should be filled with jokes. The site is not a jokes site afterall.

    Perhaps when the new tab options come you can have your own little area. Or perhaps you can just do the tiny chat thing together for your daily humour fix.

    Now what did you say Phillips on another blog 'I will now wind my neck in', or was it 'I am peddling away very quickly' or I might just do my own thin post this and say no more ;)

  • You're ok, Blakey. Just expressing your views which you have aright to do. But we dont necessarily have to agree with them. Love Annieseed

  • BlakeyC

    I don't agree with your opinion but I respect your right to have it.


  • I agree with what you've just said, Bobby, and actually went back to the community blog page and read it's title .....

    Community Blog

    Thoughts and personal experiences

    .... no mention at all of any limitation to those thoughts and personal experiences being curtailed to health issues only. I suppose the powers that be are taking the well rounded holistic approach, rather than narrowing and limiting discussions.

  • No one is talking about limiting discussions. Just NOT

    Filling the board with jokes.

    The site is not a jokes site afterall

  • None of us here criticize anyone about how they cope with their condition we offer support, if the blogger requires understanding,empathy,sympathy, or advice, we all offer it where ever we can, however if the blogger prefers to use humor to alleviate their symptoms then I think the same courtesy should be provided to them, after all we are a diverse bunch & know one has the right to judge a blog unless the blogger is not being honest about their condition & who may not even belong here, as I,m sure you are aware this site is occasionally visited by those who wish to cause dissent on the site

    So I state again I support the poster

  • I might add that in the last two days, there have been 22 medical or lung-related posts and 17 humourous or non medical posts.

  • Thank you for your diligent research Scrobbitty


  • Everyone comes here for lung support and sharing, it is a lung health support site. There is no need to criticize I agree nor make unnecessary judgement about anyone. I have not done that, I hope you or others will not either.

    In respecting that this is a lung support site and not a dedicated site for jokes there should be every respect for its intended use, that is not to say there is no room for jokes just that I think the board should not be overrun with jokes.

    Regardless if you support the poster or not doesn't make your choice irrefutable.

    As I have said before there is enough room for every one here and there should be no need for conflict just because another has a different view or enjoys different humour. I should be able to say what I have said without anyone going on the defensive.

    People can and do share different opinions and still get on.

  • Without a doubt, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion and as I am sure you will have noticed, people respond back to comments, not only yours but others as well. So there is no personal conflict here whatsoever, just members replying and responding to your comment.

  • I was responding to sillywitch on that last comment but no worries ;) Hope you enjoy video below.

  • I like a laugh, I love the people that I meet on this forum. I like to share their troubles, fun, jokes, whatever but there are times when I want to be quiet and reflect on life in general. Today has been like that, we cant choose our circumstances but can join in the fun when we think we have something to offer. BUT it has to be spontaneous and not forced. Hugs, everybody!!!

  • Just wondering, and probably SO, SO wrong but can get forums get cliquey as in some women's clubs. Haven't seen it yet but dont want it here.

  • Annieseed

    Good point. I haven't noticed any signs of it either. I think everyone gets a good welcome but you do have a point.

    Bobby xxx

  • Annie, when I was a new member, what drew me to the board was the wonderful mix of blogs, you may possibly, just possibly have noticed that I tend towards the more humourous blogs, but never thought that the members were cliquey, I was welcomed by many of the long standing people on here and have enjoyed every second of my time popping in and out. I have no doubt whatsoever, that people mistake my flippancy and attempt at humour as that of a complete airhead. I am perfectly happy for them to continue to believe that as I don't feel the need to justify my attitude to anyone. Your sense of empathy, knowledge and fun is commendable and your input invaluable.

  • Hi, Scrob., Thank you for your lovely reply. Just frustrated because I wasn't picking up the thread. Bit of a airhead myself.

  • If I actually told you how I really feel, you would be reaching for the rope, either to hang me or yourselves, so I come here to avoid those feelings & thank the majority of you for keeping me sane & in good spirits

    There will always be the odd voice but as I believe that I SUPPORT THE POSTER

    then that is all that needs to be said

    The Witch


  • Silly, witches don't get hanged , ducked.... remember in the ponds .....

  • I think with Sillywitch we should play safe and do both. Let's be sure. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Not Sillywitch, Bobby, no not drown or hang Sillywitch... She's nice. She bakes cakes and everything..... quite a talented witch, she is ....

  • Yes but she eats everybody's chocolate. We would be doing the others a service. We would get loads of brownie points.

    Bobby xxx

  • No, not sillywitch..... that Scrobbitty..... between filching chocolate and my wine gums, Scrobbitty is a one-person confectionery crime wave .....

  • Look, in my defense and in the words of my Q.C.

    'Guilty as charged, m'lud' I feel my justification for filching the entire stock of chocolate and wine gums (and somehow nowheeze's wine gums taste better than mine) is very simple ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    I like 'em. My case rests. Responses for the 21 days (plea bargaining worked) addressed to:

    Scrobbitty, c/o Alcatraz. As a repeat offender I am well known.

  • I love the banter and the laughter it helps me get through the day, and very often the night (Which is when I am at my worst ) I am so glad I found this site and the wonderful people on it. It stops me indulging in self pity and takes my mind to a happier place. I also like the serious blogs as I think we all hope that we can help others no matter how little. I do not think jokes would put people off posting, it makes us appear more human and less clinical which I hope helps people feel less afraid. It worked for me. Laughter makes the world go round Best wishes all Julie x xx x

  • It's what attracted me here too, Julie. There are a plethora of dry and dreary clinical health sites on the net. This one has a wonderfully varied mix.

  • I must admit this site and you wonderful people have helped me so much. The support and banter are just what is needed. Xxxx

  • Chell, I've never come across such a warm hearted bunch on the internet before. For sick folk we can give the healthy mob a run for their money ..... figuratively of course.... :) x x x

  • Me neither. You guys certainly brighten up my day xxx

  • Did any one see Jack caroll on BGT what a natural comedian he is The fact he can laugh at his disabilities is a shining example to us all I hope he wins, natural comedian with a great personality. xxx x xx

  • He was funny.hope he wins xxx

  • Because of my lung disease and the weakness it has caused me and all my coughing and spluttering, and gaining weight and struggling to breathe some days, I have suffered a breakdown in my marriage. I had been with my husband since youth club days as a lot of you know. I now have no conversation, or contact in the form of a hug from the one person I thought would always be there. It has probably been about two months on my own now, yes I have sons in their 20's, but I do not burden them or force myself on them, they have their own lives. This transition has been difficult especially as I had only just had my diagnosis, and because I lost my dad to emphysema, so I kind of know my road ahead. If it had not been for the banter and chat on this forum, then I am not sure that my depression would not have completely consumed me. My illness is not just talking about it, it is surviving the day without thinking about it constantly. I find laughing at peoples jokes and silliness actually seems to help my breathing. It also drives away my darkest thoughts. For this reason I support the poster. I would like to thank everyone for the silliness and for those that give information and practical help. Good blog Bobby.

    :) Anna xx

  • Thank you Anna

    Bobby xxxx

  • Big hug Anna,always :) xx

  • Thanks .. I think I needed that. xx

  • Well said, Anna, I think that goes for a lot of us on here too. :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Big warm soft jumper cuddle Anna


    Tina x

  • thanks that was a cozy cuddle :) :) xx

  • We're better off laughing than crying!

  • Too right, Grannybell, and as an added bonus, laughing helps our lungs, and uses up calories too :)

  • I would rather have a right good laugh than a good cry,I do enough crying when Lincoln city loose. Done enough this season to last a life time :(

  • Oh, dear ..... poor, poor you..... and poor, poor Lincoln city.... I take it they are a sporting team then? :)

  • I do wonder myself at times.they haven't done much in the way of sport this season.rubbish :(

  • ROFLOL :)

  • Laugh and the world laughs with you.

    Don't forget your daily tonic.

    I don't do medical issues because I do not feel that I have the qualifications to do so I leave that to people like the BLF.

    However I do like to enlighten peoples lives with some light hearted humour,that is my

    daily tonic.



  • Keep them coming for me Richard,I pass them on to my kids, after all these they think I'm funny !!!!

  • It is very rare that I am serious. Life is too short and that was before I became ill. My family were told by the hospital how bad it was for me and it was my job to stop them wrapping me in cotton wool and treat me as normal and go back to normal life.

    So we go about each day taking the sob and oxygen for granted and try to fit it into the life we had before. Allowances have to be made and my infection and the fact that hubby did his back in meant we will finally get away tomorrow.

    So what am I whittering on about? I miss people, 5 classes a day 30 in a class, 12 to 16 year old girls. You need humour to survive that. I hear what has been said and heart and soul I support the post. However I support the serious side as well, but has anyone else noticed that questions are turning into mini serious blogs?

    I get my fix of clever and fast wordplay, of jokes and stories, of pictures and hobbies from this site. I may never meet you, I only get to see what you allow, but humour leeks a peron's real self and Thankyou because I think you are all brave, friendly and fantastic cyber friends.

    Alwayssmiling :)

  • I haven't been coming on this site for long but I can empathise with Anna I as a widow haven't got a partner to discuss things with and I don/t want to burden my son with my health problems. He has already lost his father and brother so the last thing I want to do is have him worry about me.Coming on here and reading all the blogs makes me feel that I am not alone but if it was all serious and no jokes and light hearted banter I would not hang around for long.

  • yes that is exactly how I feel. I would have felt very alone without this site. Also, when I went to my first PR on Friday, the 'staff' used humour to make us all feel at home, the physio who took us through our warm-up exercises used humour along the lines of 'you'll know if you've got your left and right mixed up because you'll be rubbing noses with your neighbour' and the group laughed and relaxed. - and on that note I should hit the hay as it is my second PR meeting tomorrow - nite nite all

    :) Anna xx

  • I'm a widow too Gail, and at the end of a day, when everyone has gone home, this site keeps me sane. The company on here is special, and I'm so thankful I stumbled by chance on it. :)

  • Messing about

  • I am so glad i found this site when desparately trying to find information. What I have is so much more. Because of the humour I dip in and out during the night or day. Sometimes I have learned something about lung disease (more than I have found out from gp or hospital); sometimes I have found out there are people worse off than me and sometimes I have found warmth and understanding. When feeling a bit down, it is the humour that has lifted my spirits. Encyclopaedias have their place but are somewhat dry if that is your sole reading diet. If you don't want to read the funnies, don't... simples .... :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi Alison, you're another late night bird too, but like you I've learned so much from BLF and the good folks on this site, I was able to converse more ably with the doctors and the respiratory nurses, and my treatment has improved dramatically. New medicinal regime, new way of thinking, and the bonus is a host of new friends :)

  • Who wants to be miserable I am sat here it is 1/4 past 3am. I cannot sleep because I am in too much pain. If I couldn't come on here to have a laugh I would be suicidal. My friends and family are great I have lots of support but nothing like the understanding I get from here. So I will carry on laughing at the nonecense and try to provide some too. Now where did I put those one-liners. Love & xxxxxx s to you all my fab cyber friends.

  • Oh, hugs (((((Exblonde))))), sorry your in pain tonight/this morning. Coughing woke me up. I wouldn't have minded if it was someone else's, but no, it was my own coughing. Sitting here sipping a nice hot drink. Hope you're able to take some medication for your pain to help you get some more rest. Take care :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Yes just taken tramadol and some warm milk will go snuggle down soon but couldn't resist posting another one-liner first. Thank you for your care and concern hope coughing doesn't last too long. The hug is lovely and cuddly. Night Night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. xxxx

  • I like all sorts of posts, me!

    Lynne xx

  • hi all, im a lurker lol, joined a long while ago, 3 0r 4 sites on health unlocked. have loads of things wrong, im not brave enough to post regularly on any of them, but i do occasionaly add a reply if i think its appropriate. i find this site along with the others informative nd light hearted. i can usually find what im looking for health wise, if not i pop along to one of the "just medical info sites" its the first thing i do every morning look through all the post,s i do read most of them, i love the medical info that is given and all the chit chat as well, if we only lived for our illnesses life would be very dull and boring, i certainly look forward to reading and dare i say it, i even find the arguments an trolls entertaining, so from one resident lurker please "carry on regardless" , i love you all xx

  • Most joke blogs do indicate that it is a joke. As

    BlakeyC pointed out, this is a lung support site and that includes the emotional and psychological side of the disease as well. There have been many members who have said they need cheering up or are depressed and ask for a bit of lightheartedness. I do not find this place overrun with jokes although humour does find it's way into people's responses sometimes. I have been on this forum for a year now and am always willing to offer new members advice if I can, like all the other members here There is a time and place for jokes and we are all well aware of them.

  • I agree Puff, well said.

  • Funny video Puff :D

  • As the saying goes laughter is the best medicine, and it takes less muscles to laugh than it does to frown.

  • I love the lighthearted banter, I don't like 'poorly talk' all the time, although I always do my best to answer a poorly question. Keep it going everyone, especially on a dark, damp, dismal and cold day like today. I would love a cup cake with icing and a cherry on top.

    Happy Wednesday to everyone.

    Love Lib.

  • I don't have a quick whit but I love to follow the banter on here. I also know that you are all here whenever someone needs help or advice.

    polly xx

  • On arriving at the oasis looking for bread and water I find I can have bread and water on demand - to my delight they also do tea and lemon meringue pie when that is my preference.

    I can choose from a great menu as my needs and wants dictate.

    Well found I'd say,


  • Great comments from everyone and good opinions expressed. I agree with you too Annie, we don't want any clickiness (is there such a word?) Stay well all and keep smiling if you can. xxxxxx :)

  • Great stuff Chris. I am sat here with two bits of toast getting crumbs all over the keyboard. What is great is that there is nobody to tell me off.


  • This site is a lifeline...please don't change.

  • I agree knitter. It's a great place and so are the members ! :D

  • I still fail to see what the problem is. Some people like jokes some do not, If you dont then you dont have to read them simple. The fact is humour clearly keeps a lot of us going especially for those that live alone and can go days without speaking to anyone . Why anyone wants to see people deprived of this interaction baffles me. There is still plenty of medical info posted as well. I am going out laughing not going to let this disease beat me completly. Best wishes Julie x xx x

  • Some great comments here. I think the fun policeman,are a hoot at times!

    I do take on board what Blakey is saying,& of course he is entitled to his opinion,as we all are.

    However,as I think some others have pointed out,if on the rare times,I don't want humour,it is easy to skip those blogs,no harm done to anyone.

    I personally feel that its great to have a mixture.Support when needed,information given freely,when asked for,& a good laugh,when in the mood!!

    Best of all,there are dear friends,whom are always on hand 24 hours!

    I think it is a great site,& woulden't like to see it change to much,we can all laugh,and cry together,& that's worth more than gold.

    Love to you all,

    Wendells xxxx

  • There have been some very warm, heart-wrenching and amusing posts on this thread and all have relevance to the original blog.

    For those who don't support the posting of humourous blogs on the site, I would merely say that it is plainly obvious from the title or the beginning of the post shown underneath to see what the blog is about and if you have issues with it, walk past.

    I would also say that those people who disagree with a topic have a perfect right to say so but I would qualify that with the need to be not condemning of other posters.

    I also would point out that the fact that there may, at times, be a number of non serious posts would make me tend to believe that there are many people who are capable of rising about their rotten and life-changing lung condition and I am very happy to see that.

    I haven't seen any evidence of members feeling unable to make a post of their own because they don't 'fit in' rather they were nervous of posting because it is often nerve wracking making initial contact in any new group.

    This site is absolutely wonderful, there may be a couple of improvements required but until then I love it exactly the way it is.

  • One of the improvements for me, would be BIG YELLOW smilies which would be wonderful for me. I do rattle on a bit, and might be misunderstood - smilies would helpt that. (SMILIES)

  • you just keep rattling away Annie, we love it, you make me laugh - in a nice way! :D

  • Yeah I love this site too. I can't wait to come on and see what all my friends are doing. Instead of sitting here feeling lonely I come in here and laugh. I feel really connected to most of you and feel I know some of you more than my real life friends. What I really love too is because we are cyber friends we can't judge each other on age, race, sex or appearance. We only knows each other through our blogs and that is very liberating.


    bev xxx

  • We all need different things at different times and this site seems to provide it all - although like Puff I do like it when the jokes are flagged up so to speak - so then depending on my mood or needs I can dip in and out of different blogs subjects etc. and as most have said with wonderful people - thank you...

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