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Online surgery tonight on 'The psychological impact of COPD' - any questions from you?

Hi all,

Hope you had a nice bank holiday weekend!

We're holding an online surgery on 'The psychological impact of COPD' this evening - has anyone got any questions they'd like to ask our medical expert who's presenting on this topic?

If you're a BLF member you can watch the online surgery live if you've registered (you should have received an email about it). If you're not a member a recording will go online sometime soon. If you're interested in watching our online surgeries and submitting questions live in the future visit: blf.org.uk/Page/Join-The-BLF-2

I look forward to hearing what you've got to ask!



Comms Team

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Is the psychological impact of COPD different from other serious lung diseases? Just wondered... Alison :-)


Good question! I shall put it to Karen this evening - thank you!


I was wondering that as well.....my husband has IPF, I guess there is a difference in prognosis etc.


How does COPD impact on the lives of your family members ? My boys know about my problems,but my 2 daughters,both early 30s I haven't told yet. they just think the old mans getting old !


is this tonight wednesday ?


Hi Julie,it was posted yesterday,so I think you may have missed it ! But I didn't get a reply from my question yesterday and have heard no more.so I don't know any of the outcome.

Jambo x


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