A Big Thankyou from Wendells!

I was overwhelmed,with your wonderful comments & encouragement, I can't thank you enough.xxx It is a comfort being able to open up,& share the bad times occasionally.

There were to many to reply personally,but I want you to know they were all a great comfort, &'i have taken some suggestions on board.

There are so many of you,with your own,or family's sickness etc.& I take my hat of to you all.With big hugs,& wishing you all,easy breathing etc.

Your grateful friend Wendells xxx

5 Replies

  • We share our troubles, Wendells, and you are having more than your share, so if we can ease them, that is good. Love from annieseed xx

  • That's what is great about this site, people can share and support.

    Lynne xx

  • We are one big family! thats what friends are for Wendells! xxx :)

  • They say every cloud has a silver lining and this site is the copders silver lining to have the disease.

  • A problem shared as they say is a problem halved


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