Feeling yuk!

Couldn't eat anything yesterday felt sick (thank goodness I wasn't) upset stomach and a really bad headache. Been the same all night and awake since 4. I have cancelled my cleaner can't have the poor girl catching anything. Havn't got a clue where it came from I have not been anywhere and had no visitors for the last few days.

Managed some toast this morning so must be on the up I am just going to sit here until I am feeling better.

Perhaps the little bugs come with the post.

polly xx

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  • There are lots of nasty bugs around. When we were away (16 of us) my 25 year old stepson came down with a 24 hour vomiting bug and nobody else had it. No idea how that appended.

    I hope you feel better very soon.

    Lynne xx

  • Hope you feel better soon, Its horrible to feel sick, little sips of water might help. Love & xxxx

  • Awww Polly, that is the worst feeling ever, quite horrid. Hope the toast settles well and you start feeling on the up really soon. Take care xx

  • Get well soon Polly, feeling under the weather is no fun. Take care of yourself :) x x

  • Hope you feel better soon. Seems like you have the little b.....s under control :-) Alison

  • Hope you are feeling better soon Polly, do you have some peppermint oil in the cupboard somewhere? Sometimes just a drop on your hanky to smell can help with tummy and sicky feeling, or if its the edible peppermint essence, a drop in some water and drink.

    Having a looking after Polly day. :) x

  • Or peppermint tea

  • Yes I have I use it for my reflux, thanks for the tip will try it.

    polly xx

  • Feel better soon. For something so small those little bugs pack a big punch.

    Take care

    Tina x

  • Hope it passes quickly for you Polly,you just don't need that.Make sure you rest up,as much as you can! How nice of you to think of the cleaner! It is hard to know how we catch these bugs sometimes,take good care of yourself.

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Wishing you a very speedy recovery tad x x

  • Cheer yourself up with some KOTC humour

    Your daily tonic


  • Hope you are feeling better today xxx

  • At last I am feeling a bit better, those little bugs have bug---ed off I hope. Daughter bringing some shopping in so don't have to do much. Thanks for all you good wishes.

    Just want some sunshine now.

    polly xx

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