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For the HealthUnlockders who asked me about a Breathe Easy Community forum being formed for people who cannot attend a local Breathe Easy group.I am sorry it is taking a long time for me to give you an answer .The BLF are looking into the idea and I hope to be able to update you in the near future.


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Keep us in touch. I am definitely interested. Although what difference to this forum??

I'll be back.

Yes King keep us in touch please as I cant get to mine it,s to far away :(


I will do.

So would I

Tina x

Another convert

Me too xx


We have a couple in our area but a bit too far for me so I have co-organised a support group locally, doing pretty much the same things as Breathe Easy. I think a special tab on this forum would be a great idea though.

Why don't you turn your support group into a Breathe Easy group.The BLF will give you all the help you need.

It's a three bus ride journey for me to get to my nearest one ..... Need all the info you've got!

I will let you know all about it when I get some more information

Living rurally is super for the air quality - just a pity about the transport links... thanks Kingy, that will be super :) x x

That would be really helpful for me too. No group near me. Thanks for your efforts King. I wait with interest. :-) Alison

I like the support that is being shown.Thank you

An online group is a great idea. Count me in. My nearest Breath Easy is a 45/50 minute drive away. And as it's in a holiday resort (Weymouth), summer traffic could turn that into well over an hour.

Keep looking in for more news

good morning

what a good idea, I have worked with people and committees all my life and I find the idea of breath easy for those who want to but the last thing I want to do is be with a lot of people, but I am forced to if I want what breath easy can offer [ if there was one anywhere near] I do also think that there is many people like me and who can not get to a breath easy,

regards Richard

This is the whole idea to try to create a Breathe Easy group format for thoae who cannot attend a BE group

Put my name down Richard. I don't have a group nearby, the nearest is about 12 miles away.

Lynne xx

Got my pencil out

I go to Breathe Easy, so would I be able to join in or is it just for people who can't get there?

polly xx

People that can attend a Breathe Group will hopefully contribute what is happening to others on the site

I would like to join too. I have a breathe easy group about half an hour drive away. Hubby says he will take me (excuse for him to slope off to the pub) but I am too nervous to walk into a room full of strangers.

Why not phone them first and then they will be waiting to greet you Breathe Easy loves new members.

Go on bite the bullet, if not get hubby to go with you for the first time.

polly xx

Hey ,you won't have to phone this Breathe Easy site,just click in

You will not be nervous on a Breathe Easy site

What a good idea, we would really welcome this. Please, please hurry up, I can't wait. It does make a lot of sense as the groups are few and far between x

It is all down to the BLF at the end of the day

Hi as I,m not coping to well with my copd I would love to be able to join the group. I feel very alone at times as I don,t know of anyone in my area who has this. I have spoken to the great nurses on the blf helpline and got support. hope everyone has a good day. x

Hi poppy, you are never alone when you come onto this site; there is usually someone around to help, advise, or cheer you up when you need it. Just jump in and join in :) x

Scrobbity is talking sense(for once)

Hopefully if it gets off the ground you will have a lot more friends to 'mingle'with

Good idea. I can only get to my local Breathe Easy during the summer months. So please put my name down.



Will do

Brilliant idea!!

Jude xx

Thank you, it is something I was asked to look into and I also think it is a brilliant idea

I'm very interested. Keep in touch.


Keep looking in for future news

I also think its a great idea, will be waiting to hear what happens,

Hopefully you will not have to wait long

I am looking forward to this, King, and thank you for your trouble. What format -- informative stuff as well as the social side. I like a joke but would like to learn as well.

The format will have to be worked on but it will adhere to what Breath Easy members expect at their meetings:- BLFnews & information,what the speakers have said,members reporting on trips out,theatre,special events .members reports on their own activities etc

And most importantly what members want


Excellent. I don't mind a laugh but this is something different.. chit chat not appropriate..


It is much more than chit chat,you might be surprised what goes on with Breathe Easy

Count me in King...and thankyou for all your effort in keeping us informed. Sounds interesting - look forward to hearing more xxx

Keep looking in for any movement

I would love it! I live miles from anywhere please don't forget about me! :) x

How could I forget you

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