SHOES !!!!!!!!

...................................Always put yourself in others' shoes.

............................................If you feel that it hurts you,

.................................It probably hurts the other person too




Get those shoes on and off to Breathe Easy with you.

Want to join .Phone BLF for current information 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 10am 6pm

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Very true

Youv'e tried it,Have you?

I tried that once King. Pity the lady wearing the Jimmy Choo shoes wasn't impressed :)

Typical of you,trying to impres Eh?

Couldn't afford a pair myself.... just couldn't prise them off her feet though....

My wife's shoes hurt me, all 30 odd pairs of them. Some of them not even worn. I'm a shoe pauper.


Bobby, you've been told before, stay out of her closet!

Yes dear,


But tell me, does she have matching handbags for those shoes? Or are you too mean to increase her allowance?


Laying the law down again nowheeze


Me Richard? Naughty? Oh that's cruel. he he he


But true

Most of them. We got another one two weeks ago at Boundary Mills. It was half price. ONLY £75.

Bobby xxx

What a bargain, I must tag along with your good lady on one of her shopping trips :) x x

Can I come too? Bobby we'll need all your cash and cards. I've got my eye on a nice little Lulu Guiness. Will need shoes next month.

Love Tina x

Oh, yeah, the more the merrier, I always say :) x x

Anything for a party nowheeze

I used to love aq Pint of G

I don't like shopping, am I odd ?


You aren't odd, just perfect. Are you spoken for?

Bobby xxxx

Sorry yes, the old fella would be upset if I leave.............I think !!

Darn! I was looking forward to saving a bob or two there.

Love from Bobby xxx

You and your big gob again Eh?

Why don't you ask him exblonde?

Not brave enough to take that risk lol xx

What's your game Bobby,you appear to be chatting up all these gorgeous young ladies

You are not odd exblonde.My wife doesn't like shopping,at least when I'm there

Be careful nowzeeze or Bobby will have you tagged

Was that a bag of potatoees Bobby?

So true.. I think people should remember this more often.


Yep, walk a mile in someone else's shoes, especially someone you dislike - then you'll be a mile further away, and you'll still have their shoes.


I like that one he he he

Bobby xx

You little!

hi King, only last Friday I was sorting hubbies wardrobe, and was quite shocked to find a pair of my slippers and 1 odd one size 6. I didn't dare look at his shoes which are size 12. but I couldn't help but ask if he was a shoe and slipper cross dresser, the look on his face was funny


That is worse than going through his trouser pockets

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