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I am using this new inhaler and it's given me a bad sore throat. Do I go back to the docs or can someone advise a remedy?

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  • Hi Teresa, I've read the info on this Frostair, and one of the common side effects listed is a sore throat. Personally, I'd report any side effect to my doctor as there may be an alternative :)

  • Thank you for your reply and I shall. Back to see the nurse and doc next week

  • I saw my pulomanary nurse a few weeks back and was surprised i had fostair as she said it wasn,t licenced here,,bit strange, but she has now put me on Bricanyl and oxis,,which i,m not getting on with,,feels like i,m being clogged up with the powder,,,,also with Fostair make sure you rinse your mouth after taking it,,i gargled and didnt suffer sore throat that way

  • Thank you. I rinsed my mouth but didnt gargle. My nurse said it was a new trial. All this is getting me down too. My work place is air-conditioned and it's rubbish. Unions and manage moment do not appear to want to address this

  • I got a nasty sore throat from Seretide discus, I can only use the spray versions of these medicines. A nurse told me that quite a lot of people have bad reactions to the powder in their throats and that they are fine when they swap back to the spray. I get on better with the spray, no sore throat at least.

    I don't know if you are on the powder version or spray? could be worth swapping.


  • HI there, I am on the spray. I feel a lot better today it will mention th idid to the nurse next week.

  • Hi teresa,1965

    I do feel for you in your workplace, i worked in a engineering company on the night shift 6pm to 6am running cnc machines, we had no ventilation systems at all there, all these machines running and the oily coolant floaty around constantly, used to fill my lungs up until i could hardly breathe, was sad when i got made redundant, but within weeks my lungs started to clear,,is there anybody you can talk to about your situation,,your union should be helping you,,,,thats what they are there for after all,,

  • I will be talking to atos in the morning and then the unions. I have asked to work from home so many days a week and my boss wasn't accommodating but hopefully I will have a resolution tomorrow.

    Thank you for your message

  • I just have a nice cuppa after my fostair blast, no problems so far.

  • Thank you for the message. My throat appears to be ok today fingers crossed

  • Hi, note sure whether any one has had the same experience but after a number of chest infections, new inhaler that caused a bad sore throat and then I wake up what feels like I have walked into a door the ridge of my nose hurts so much I cannot wear my glasses and my left side of my face is swollen, my ears are banging and yes the sore throat is even worse. The doctor has prescribed a anti-biotics. I asked what's caused this he said its an infection. I am feeling so low with all this and yes cried a few years not because I am feeling sorry for myself but angry that I appear to be ill all of the time.

    Sorry for going on :-/

  • I can spell but without my glasses I do apologise for any spelling errors

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