Has summer been and gone?

Yesterday I was sat out in the sun. This morning I went out in wearing a fleece now it is pouring down here in Lancashire.

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I pinched the sunny day :) it's hiding in my garden.........sssshhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone :)

Ann x

Give lt back

Lovely here in Lincolnshire,windy,but lovely sun :)

Not rest nice round ere is it, but that's North Lanc's fer ya. Wet n miserable is the norm;)

I used to work in Chorley before I retired and I'm afraid it's not as green over your way as it is here on the outskirts of Rossendale so I think we must have the most rain.

It's not looking to bad really, but lazy gardeners don't help, they cut the grass and just leave it, so it turn the lawns brown, looks better in winter.

Share, Ann1web, share!

Its, dull, dreary, windy and wet in South Lanarkshire.... :(

Its all your fault, you bin hangin' t washin art agen ant ya! :D

Tumble drier, ya mean? If I hung a wash out, all it would get would be another rinse, but without a spin ! :d

Then you could be a soggywheezy eh! Heeheehurgh cough cough Oooh! That shifted something. :P xxx

You won't believe this but it is sunny in the Black Country today. Even the birds have got sun glasses on.

Bobby xx

Brilliant weather in Herts - we visited Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire (NT) such a beauitful place with wonderful trees. A cheese and herb scone and a pot of tea at the end. I borrowed a buggy but it was built like a tank and needed oiling.

whose nicked our sun, has summer been and gone now

welcome liag, sorry I should of put your name first


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