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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is something that is very important for people with lung damage, here are some tips that can help us breathe better :

Fragrant air fresheners a definite no no,

Eco clothes are great for picking up the dust, or a damp cloth which can be washed out.

Have a good breathing day one and all.


PS, some plants make excellent natural air cleaners providing you don't allow dust to accumulate on the leaves, the soil does not go mouldy. Some tips of the best plants for the home:


A comprehensive breakdown from the NASA study, giving the latin names of the plant and what specifically they help with:

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The bit about the plants is bad science, the original research was done with 21 plants which they found in the offices of NASA. So they just used them to take to the space station, most plants will do the same. The original research work was taken off the NASA site soon after the scientist in charge left.

We cant think of any plants that would cause problems, except grass and trees.


PS wifey has a first in plant biology, its what we do.


Plants are natural air purifiers for sure inside and out. Without them none of us would be breathing right now. The down side is pollen and mould in the soil if not tended to regularly. I also studied at Sparsholt, the great horticultural college darn sarf ;)


They were three fabulous site links and I have learned a tremendous amount.

Well done!



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