Flora Day in Helston - Bluebells and Lily of the Valley

Flora Day in Helston - Bluebells and Lily of the Valley

On 8th May each year in Helston, Cornwall, we have Flora Day. All the school children wear white and dance through the streets. At noon invited couples dance (you have to have been Helston born to lead the dance).

The buildings are decorated with bluebells and greenery. All the dancers wear lily of the valley.

The picture is of my friend's daughter, Claire, and her husband Scott dancing in this years Midday Dance.



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How lovely, what a wonderfull tradition.

It's a great day. It starts at 7am with an enactment of George killing the Dragon.

If it's a sunny and warm day it's absolutely fabulous. Bucks Fizz at 7 o'clock in the morning (!!) sitting on the garden wall watching George and the Dragon.

After the dances (the last one is at about 5pm with the ladies in pretty summer frocks) there is a fun fair at the bottom of the town. Hot dogs, burgers with onions and relish, candy floss and all manner of edible stuff (really tasty even though unhealthy - but it's only one day a year).

Lots of stalls selling all sorts of stuff (from really nice Cornish stuff to absolute rubbish).

Back home at the end of the day, big dinner, drinks, and happy times. I love it although I haven't been for a couple of years because Helston has some steep hills and I cannot manage them.

Well worth going to (if you can find somewhere to park).




Seems a poor old do to me, I didn't see the word chocolate anywhere. It looked nice though. It is a pity that these sorts of things seem to be slowly dying out. With regard to your last paragraph, get yourself a scooter girl.

Love from Bobby xxxx

When I think of all the Flora Days I have been to I cannot think of one instance of chocolate!

Mind you, starting at 7 o'clock in the morning with Bucks Fizz I admit to not thinking about much at all!!



How nice to find somewhere that tradition is still followed. So many places have been cowed into giving up because of Town Hall bureaucracy and Health & Safety.

Annec get a strong man and a wheelchair ;)

You can't inflict Annec on a strong man, he'd be weak in no time.

A scooter is a far better bet.

Bobby xxx


'You are awful, but I like you.'




I think that a cart horse would be rquired to pull me up Godolphin Road in a wheelchair. Mind you, there are about 2,000 RN personnel at RNAS Culdrose which is just down the road from Helston.



Hi Annec what a lovely tradition ,my great grandmother came from cornwall often wonder why they moved north . her name was bennallick i believe it to be a cornish name

Thats interesting Newlands as I have recently been doing ancestry research and I have traced relatives back to Cornwall their name was Spargoe which I believe is also a cornish name. I love these old traditions so sad to see them dying out in most places now . Thanks for sharing with us Annec. Love the pic she looks so happy.Julie x xx x

Sounds like a lovely day out


Stuck in Devon and missed it again, but walking up the main street of Helston may have been a bit much for me these days, uphill and crowds of people might not be a good combination.

In years gone by I have taken part in the dance, I think I might need the air ambulance overhead working me with strings these days.

HI Pepsicoley and moneal - what a small world I and my mother's family are from Helston - Mum was Barbara Haynes (of Haynes and Co in Cury) before marriage and I was Carole Curtis at school - Gwealhellis - any chance we know each other or you know my Mum? ...

Hi Moneal

I'm OK at walkingdown Meneage Street but not at all good at walking up it. Down Coinagehall Street is an absolute dawdle!!!!

Who did you know in Helston? Perhaps we have mutal friends.

With the Air Ambulance and the Sea and Air Rescue on hand I'm sure that you would be OK.

Love from



My parents owned Helston Garage until 1957,I lived in Helston (Grylls Parc) from 1953 to 1970 in between serving with RAF. then went to The Lizard (Croft Parc) before going to Mullion,ending up next to the Fire Station. Worked at Cherry Tree Garage and then ran Streetwise Driving School. Now retired in Sunny Devon.

My brother Colin Neal and his wife Theresa still live down at St Johns

At least here the town centre is nice and flat and the sea front is a mile or so of flat walking.


Hi Maurice

I used to take my VW Golf to Helston Garages and sometimes hired a car from there.

The first house we bought (£11,000) was in Cury Churchtown (just behind the church). I took a job as a barmaid at The Polbrean, just past the Coastguard Station on The Lizard, because we need a bit more money to pay the mortgage on the house.

Don't know what happened there! I hadn't finished my message!!!

A friend of mine just moved away from St Johns to go and live in Truro. Karen Pritchard and her husband Michael.

I would love to go back to Helston to live - it's a gorgeous town and I know lots of people there.



Oh Polbrean was my regular drinking spot, when I first started going there it was run by a couple who used to have some very late nights, they left and went to Devon and two couples took over, then the National Trust got hold of it, No more pub.

The best place to be when the wind blows over force 9 or 10 amazing views down onto the stormy sea. People have to see it to believe it.

Like you I really miss that part of Cornwall

I worked at the Polbrean in 1976 (the year The Lizard went on fire!!!). Morris and Doreen owned it. They drove about in a Rolls Royce. During the 1976 season they sold The Polbrean to John, his wife (cannot for the life of me remember her name). They arrived with John's Mother, Sister, Brother and a Great Dane (Zac, if I remember correctly). They were lovely people. I didn't realise that it was 'no longer'. Shame.

You are so right, it was a fab place when the wind was blowing hard. Hard work but happy days.



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