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I'm not coping at all well since I last posted. I have been in the most horrible pain and the fatigue I have is so draining. The only positive is that I finally (after years of tests) have been given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I had an idea I had it but when I looked on their website I realised I've been suffering with it a lot longer than first thought. It has taken over my life. I can't do most of the things I used to as I have to think ahead all the time. Even playing with my grankids can leave me totally exhausted. There are days when I cannot even dress myself so I slob around in my jimmies. I'm not feeling sorry for myself i'm just so bloody angry at how useless I feel. I lost my job through it. Frustration is now my middle name. There is a positive. It has made me rethink how I can spend my days. I bought a sewing machine and i'm learning how to use it. My grankids end up with the soft toys/ragdolls I make and hopefully when I get a bit better at it I can pass stuff on to charity shops. I even buy old stuff from them to make the toys, cute eh? So that's me folks. Someone not quite ready to say die. Big hugs all xx

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Well raspberryripple, sounds very much as though you are now coping :) So, you can't do things you used to as well or at all, there is so much you can do and your'e proving it already. The worst mistake we can make is to allow it to control our lives, we live beside it not totally enveloped by it. And a ((hug)) back at you x

I feel for you, raspberry ripple but I do feel a note of positivity about your blog. The fact that you are using your sewing machine to make things. Anger in its own force is a driving force. So be angry, it will drive you forward to live a different life.

Chin up. That's the most important thing. A positive attitude in the face of adversity.

Lynne xx

Thanks all of you. It does my heart good knowing someone is listening to me. So big hugs n sloppy kisses for you all XXXXXX


I heard that big hugs and sloppy kisses were on offer, so, never one to miss a chance here I am. I know exactly where you are coming from when you talk of frustration, When Emphysema first got me eleven years ago I used to get furious with myself because I couldn't do the things I used to. Since then I have slowly come to terms with it and now I cope quite well.

With any luck some of your anger will gradually go too. At least on here you are among friends who can understand how you feel. Good luck for the future.

Bobby xxx

I also don't cope too well at times, then I just say 'stuff it' and do the best I can, to just stay happy at what I can do. Instead of dwelling on what I can't do. I want to run and jump about with my grandson who is 2 and a half, but instead I read with him and push little cars about and teach him words and things from books. Frustration wears us out, and you are doing the right thing by finding new stuff to do. Wish you luck and send you hugs xx

:) Anna

Feeling down,cheer yourself up with a read of my humour blogs Raspberry ripple'


bobby sent you an xtra big sloppy one lol, anna i'm try hard to stay distracted from this thing but hate to admit some days I do give in to it tho not as much as I used to xx Richard if ur blog don't make me giggle ima come duff you over lol xx

I also have fibro and it's horrible I had the pains and aches never know from one day to the next where i'll have I'm feeling a bit down tonight if I'm honest I've been feeling dow for a while. Aww well time for bed and tomorrow is another day hope you get some energy and are pain free tomorrow.

Sorrry to hear that,but you obviously try to help yourself, & thats important! Fibro is a horrible disease,& my heart goes out to you, & copder.I am lucky in that regard,although having copd, & peripheal neuropathy,also get the down days at times.I dont think any of us on here,would escape them!

But lucky Grandkids,they will be thrilled with your work.

Big hugs to you,

Wendells xxx

I thought I was replying to you raspberry ripple about sewing but think I've gone wrong and started a new post by mistake....Never mind I'll do it right one day... :)

Sorry if it had already been done and is ok, but I wonder if it'd be worth checking your thyroid status?

Low thyroid often causes fibromyalgia and also many of the other symptoms you mentioned.

I'd get my TSH, free T4 and free T3 checked. They are simple blood tests. Your TSH needs to be between 0.5-1.5 to be optimal. Your fT4 and fT3 should be at least half way in the range (not lower).

It is something I have myself and which took a few years to get sorted, but I feel well again now.

koala x

Very uplifting post raspberryripple because you end on a positive which is great. Ok things are not the same as they were but there are still lots of things you can do. Good for you and hope you do well with the sewing projects. Sending lots of love and good wishes. :) xxx

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