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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Good morning all friends, we are now on our third attendance of the course when my husband learns to cope with his COPD - and also ME learning to cope with my worries and also how to help him! We are doing great! He is interested in learning all about his breathing and how exercise will help him. He is actually doing the exercises (both there and at home) and looking for feedback from our two lovely 'teachers' ..amazing how THEY can get him to do things! We are learning to relax, all about his medication and what happens when he breathes properly. ...Way to go as the Americans say!

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That sounds really positive. I think learning to manage the condition is very important and is half the battle.

I'm glad the exercising is going well. That's so important.

Lynne xx


Thanks Lynne, I just hope he can keep it up when the 8 weeks are up and we are on our own, but it is the first time he has been feeling that we can at least plan a holiday this year. xx!!


Sounds to me like you are both doing realy well, good for you my hub doesn't know a thing about copd and I've had it for years,I'm waiting to start PR it sounds wonderful!! there are some great books on breathing exercises,good for both of you and I hope you have a great holiday! :) x


I didn't know a thing about COPD either but up until now it is me that has many operations and he has been there for me in 54 years of I guess it is now me who has to learn the other side of caring! Mind you I join in his exercises here at home and I am exhausted (only kidding but it is hard work) and I actually do Pilates and Tai Chi and do a 30 minute walk every day, but then nobody says life is easy do they :-D xx



I am so pleased that the course is working out so well for hubby. I know that you were really worried about him. I hope he continues to improve and I hope he realises what a lovely wife he has.

Lots of love from Bobby xxx


I have realised from kind remarks like this that I am NOT on my own although sometimes it seems like it. Don't know about the 'lovely' wife..I think that at 83 everything seems to be wearing out or wrinkling but at least I am doing my best. Hope you are having as good a day there as it is here. Sunshine and everything - especially our white lilac tree - smelling beautiful . xxx


I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter and brighter for you both. Its amaizing what a little professional help can do to set you off in the right direction.



We are lucky that we have got to our eighties in fair health - well I've lost most of the 'important' bits but hey I don't miss them now - and we are grateful that in general our surgery is looking after us with this introduction to coping now, I got the old man to give up smoking 30 years ago but as he had smoked since 15 it was a bit late, also worked on London Underground for 29 years so goodness knows what he breathed in then!...(I just realised by my mentioning tunnel I unintentionally made a funny),


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