ATOS And WCA Total Disgrace Double Heart and Lung Transplante Dies Nine Days After WCA Declares Fit For Work And Stoped Benefits

She Was Told Her Employment and Support Allowance Was Being Stopped As She Lay Dying In Hospital Bed

Another Life Lost After Everything She Went Through, Disgraceful How On Earth Could She Have Been Made Fit For Work

Totally Discussed :(

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  • How so sad,hope someone,has a guilty conscious,& learns from it.

  • How so sad,hope someone,has a guilty conscious,& learns from it.

  • Is Tradgic But As We Can See Those HCP At Atos And Or Even Those At DWP Have No Conscious :(

    Is Truly A Disgrace And A Abuse Of Rule Of Law

  • Too, too tragic. This case, and goodness know how many more like it, needs a full and thorough investigation. Those responsible for this apology of an assessment process require their medical expertise scrutinised.

    For the life of me I cannot fathom the necessity of the DWP to employ an external agency to assess claimant's. The government already pay the salaries of GP's and Consultants. Employing these medical professional ought to be sufficient. The government is not only calling into question the fitness of claimants, they are obviously questioning the capabilities of the very professionals we, the public, call on when we are ill.

  • Another tragedy caused by this government in it,s quest to rob the poor to pay the rich.Will they bow their heads in shame ? will they hell.!

  • I agree with all of above!

  • I do not know how true it is my son have looked at What atos do and what they get from

    sighing people off they get payed for seeing some one plus they get lets call it a bonus

    for each one they sigh off .

    They do not take Any time and look at your notes at all .

    This government is spending more monies on takeing people off than they are saving. As

    when atos sighs say. Ten off when they apell about half are giving it back .

  • I hope some bugger sues them. They really are the pits. It makes me so angry!


  • People its all about money, they don't give a s"" t about us. If they think they can save a few penny's to justify thier existence then thats ok Ya'.

    I'm on the lung transplant register as you probably know so it'll be interesting to see what happens when Atos gets round to me.

    They had better be ready for a fight!!!! if they declare me fit for work.

    Listening to 'Eye of the Tiger' and getting syked up, 'come-on Atos lets be aving ya!!!!!!'.


  • Nice to see some fightin' talk Tony. Give me a shout when you are ready to start punchin'. I'll be there.


  • Your my wing man from now on Bobby so be ready to sock it too em'. They can hit below the belt but a good old upper cut should sort it. Ha.

  • Agreed :)

    Nothing Wrong With Turning Civil Maters Criminal ... When Needs Must

  • Just how bad do you have to be to be declared unfit for work?. Do these idiots have a caring bone in their body's. The next thing is they will be organising transport for patients in hospital so they can go to work from their beds.

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