I'm going mad!!!!!

I'm going mad!!!!!

I am beginning to wonder if I am going mad.

Its almost one o'clock in the morning, the cooker is not on but I can smell something savoury cooking!!!! I had a stir fry at lunch time but have had nothing since.

My two cats are deep in the land of nod, my true love (husband) is in Jersey hopefully enjoying himself and I am imagining things.

I'm going to go to bed.

I hope that all my friends on this site have a really good night.

Love and hugs



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An update. Only one of my two cats was in the land of nod.

I had assumed that Sparky (my little black girliej cat) was asleep upstairs on my bed,

When I went to check that everything was locked up, cooker off etc, I saw two yellow eyes looking at me through the glass kitchen door. Poor little lamb had been shut out.

I can still smell something cooking though.

Sleep tight all you lovely people.



Sorry I'm raiding the fridge agen, hot roast beef and onion butties, with horseradish sauce :P

Oh nooooooooooooooooooo.

If you were within reach I think that I would beat you Azaard!!!! lol

I'm so hungry and my fridge is full of 'healthy' food. Salad stuff, blueberries etc - I don't want healthy!!!!

Love and hugs



all i can find is cheesy tortilla chips - no dips as the dog stole them. but am glad of what i have as that pic has made me starving !! lol

:) Anna

Hi Anna

Shouldn't you be in bed at this time of night (or should that be 'this time of morning').

I live out in the sticks but sometimes wish I lived in a town or a city. There are no fish and chip shops, no pizza places and no take-away places near me.

Love and hugs



next door is having a party, no chance of sleeping, but am laying in bed. The perils of not living in the sticks!! lol - they sound like a pub garden and keep emptying loads of 'empties' in the big wheelie bin. :)

I have to admit that I don't have disturbed nights very often. The Rugby Club is in the valley down below me and now and again they have a bit of a do and I can hear them!!

My neighbours have just got home too, and with a crowd of friends. I know this, not because I'm a nosey neighbour, but because I had been sleeping. They aren't very quiet, but at least the music isn't loud enough to rattle the window frames .... yet.

I do live rurally. It's such a pity my neighbours do to.... Their usual parties last until at least 6am. Lucky me. ;)

My heart goes out to you both. All I needed was a wee. Can just hear the start of the dawn chorus and a certain black lab rattling the kitchen gate. She's not coming on my bed at this time in the morning! Hope it quietens down soon.

Hugs and hot toddies Tina x

Hi Annec I had battered sausage and chips last tonight kinda wish I hadn't now. It's the morning after the night before and now I have to fit into last years clothes wish I could inhale some fat busting mist. So be happy you live in the sticks and your fridge is full of greens.

I do find if I fry onions or garlic the smell lingers for ages maybe thats what the smell was.

Hope you had a good night's sleep.


It was Sparky sending you the only sort of message that would wake you up - the smell of food xxx

Food food glorious food oh how you love the smell of good food


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