May I suggest?

May I suggest we all leave a certain blog post alone now? Enough is enough, and lets move on to more appropriate subjects for this site. Hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine and feeling reasonable. I have just been for a amble around the block with Lottiebots and a natter with a friend. A welcome break after some assignment writing, oh well fun time over, sweeties at my side and back to the hard slog of degree studies. Never mind I reward myself later with half a cider and another cuddle with Lottiebots.

Keep smiling everyone.

Huggles Kat and Dog

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  • Won't be long now dax I think the block button is arriving soon. Mostly I ignore 'certain' blogs I have to say.

  • Hi, blakey, cant wait for this blog button. Notice you dont ignore all of the blogs. It was very hard to ignore the one referred to but did manage to step away. Think like me, you speak your mind but on occasion, I must hold my tongue. Breathing isn't of the best, but my tongue is busy.

  • People forgot to ignore and report, that person was having a great time getting a reaction from everyone. It's precisely what they wanted.

  • How is my friend, lotttiebots. Cant wait to introduce to my cat, Betsy. Yes, daxie, that certain blog met my eyes this morning. Considerably upset so have given that blog a wide berth.

    You sound clever. What is it you are studying? Not Open University?

  • Oh dear, I hope that's not my blog you're referring to. it certainly wasn't meant to offend and wasn't referring to anything in particular. It was meant to be in the same league (though not very original I'll grant you) as the fact that Anonymous has lots of sayings attributed to him as well as a few books.

  • Certainly not you, carrieme. Please dont worry at all. I read Anonymous, absolutely nothing to do with that. I will just say it was an unpleasant blog - look back around breakfast time.

  • CarrieMe it was not your blog :)

  • Annieseed thank you for asking Lottiebots is doing extremely well, celebrated her 9th birthday last Sunday. Vet on Wednesday after her kennel cough vaccine (we hardly use kennels, but is good vaccine to use as kennel cough can be picked up anywhere) said that for her age she was in exceptionally good health. That's what living like a diva does for you lol.

    Wouldn't say I am that clever, but yes it is Open University and I am studying for my Bsc Honours in Social Policy and Criminology. My current module is Adult Health and Social care, and my final assignment for this module is about someone caring for someone with severe asthma who has angina themselves. They come from a ethnic minority background, so I am writing a report about carers with diverse needs, advocacy, integrated care packages, theories and practices, and a whole load of other stuff thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to my three month break from studying. Hence why I am sweetie munching and looking forward to a drop of cider later. Husband is in the bedroom plugged into his lap top writing his final assignment for his degree too. Should be a sign on our front door at the moment enter at your own risk. As we are both stressed and grumpy.

    And please introduce your cat "Betsy," would be lovely to hear about her.

    And that is why I haven't done any blogging of late because I have had my head in books and research papers.


  • I admire you both. My son, Andrew got a degree with Open University, having studied whlst he was working and with a young child, too. We went to the Open University Presentation at the Royal Festival Hall. Very proud.

  • Lovely to see you. I had to make one comment on that blog but haven't looked since.

    What a glorious day and I feel truly better for the first time in 3 weeks.

    (Honestly Chris, no nagging now lol)

    Love to Lottiebots.

    Lynne xx

  • Am confused....

  • Why are you confused chellshock?

  • Because I don't understand what is going on here at the moment with the post in question

  • Why!

  • Don't understand what post you guys are referring to

  • A nasty blog at breakfast time -- leave it at that, please

  • Yeah I missed it to. I always do.

  • Thankfully I also missed that blog. I went to college first time when I was 41 I did a diploma in social care. It was the best time in my life I made lovely friends I actually enjoyed studding and for the first time I felt my hard work was rewarded with getting a distinction in my diploma. After all the years of child care, housework, part time job and looking after my ailing father I found college work a welcome escape from reality. Not expecting many would understand this but hay thats me.

  • Actually I do understand Copdber. I find studying through the Open University harder because there isn't so much student to student contact, but when I did my HNC at my local Art College I loved the buzz of student life. Thought I still very enjoy the buzz of learning this experience is very different. If I wasn't studying I would just be wasting my time doing very little or blunting the grey cells on reality TV. My studies has led me into some interesting areas and thought patterns. So glad I am doing it, even when I am severely stressed and banging my grey cells against a brick wall.

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