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Diagnosed COPD and quit smoking, 11/09. No flare-ups since. Been on Advair with no need for emergency inhalers. Exercise- walk, garden, and

elliptical. Pulse oximeter used to monitor, Try to stay at 90+. I gained 45 pounds since I quit. Now have lost 15 through diet and exercise. I think the steroid in Advair has something to do with the gain. I just switched to Spiriva 4 days ago. I have noticed an increase in my O2 level at rest and exercise. Has anyone experienced similar? it is only 4 days and will continue to monitor, duh.

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hi hitchcock, may i ask what stage of COPD you were when you was diagnosed has seems good you have had no flare-ups since 09


Thanks. The doctor did not indicate a "stage." I don't require any additional oxygen and have never had to use an emergency inhaler. I do use "purse-lipped breathing" when working/exercising. As to a stage, I think I'm better off than many.


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