Asthma attack

I can someone tell me omething that's puzzling me,I have asthma usually well on contolled sceptic if I get chest inf, these last few few days my peak flow is grt ditto for my sats, yet if I rush myself I a bit breathess ,today while I was out same agin though it was wet and cold,iv had ECG ,a1.ditto for x,rays ,and bloods,or does asthma get worse as u get older,I'm baffled ,I'm on bricaanyl and 250seretide

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  • Hi Louise. I am not sure if asthma gets worse when you get older but I know I feel it more now (I'm 59) than I used to. I just think everything is harder the older you get. I also have very very mild COPD. Do you think you could have that too?

    Bev x

  • I don't know,on my last spirometry it was grt,that was in feb,it's worth mentioning nex time I go to the docs

  • Hi Have Seen Lots Of Posts And Don't Want To Sound Grim But I Would Think Asthma Turns Into Some Other Lung Problems As You Get Older ... Sounds Like You Have Infection You Need To Keep On Top Of Infections

  • It's been a horrid winter for me at least 4chest inf since jan,I had something similar afew yrs,ago,we're I had z1inf after another,till at least may,like the 1ov got now,I think my immune system is pretty low,iv also got an app on tues with my gp,for which il discuss this,

  • Idi get some a/b-and steroids yesterday

  • So many things seem to effect asthma, from hay fever at this time of year or an allergy/trigger to pollen or similar. Even a bad day at work used to upset mine. It seems the body is like a finely tuned clock, the slightest knock and it goes out of balance.

    My asthma just seemed to develop into COPD and the asthma wheeze decreased, up until the last couple of weeks when the breathlessness and wheeze have been really annoying. I am taking hay fever pill which do seem to help.

    There has been a lot of new inhalers introduced since I was first diagnosed, hopefully they can find one that suits you and gets it back under control

  • Iv just switched my reliever inhaler to a new 1yest fingers crossed

  • Your Health Centre may have to play around with the various inhalers to find what is right for you, (what works for one does nothing for some one else) once they do the asthma will become pretty well controlled.

    It can be annoying to have to keep going back for help, but the asthma nurses are real experts at their job, and if each visit keeps you away from hospital then they are doing their job perfectly by saving you a hospital stay and the NHS a lot of money.

    Bad asthma attacks are frightening, read up on all the sensible information available from here or the Asthma Society but don't believe all you read on some other sites, they don't always tell the truth. It's better to know in advance what is likely to happen and how to deal with it, panic is our worst enemy, if you can control the panic you can control the attack, once the adrenalin starts to flow we have a problem, and breaking the circle is hard if you have no idea what is happening. For Warned is Forearmed (that was the Royal Observer Corps moto) but seems appropriate here

  • I had a prob twice yest,but my own fault,I was out in the cold and wet waitng to go to surgery,with that cold wind I knew I was going to b in trouble,and I was,but was in control used my new reliever before it kicked off,feel a bit better today,iv been out the groceries shop,then went and had our breakfast,after we had got into the car we both dissolved in fits of laughter over a knitted bunny shed made,o of we laughed and laughed it felt good to laugh,A good day so far,took my 3rd dose of my a/b,and steroids,for the last time this yr I hope ,hugs xxxxx

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