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Ct scan results

just had results of scan,confirmed pulmonary fibrosis,but then Dr said it also showed emphysema ,now have to wait to be referred to ILD team,meanwhile also had 6minute walk test,sats falling to 84 is this good or bad,forgot to ask,Dr says I must have flight test next week,as I have booked a holiday says my sats are borderline for flying,came back from USA 4 weeks ago without knowing any of this and was ok.I am on no medication at all .I have heard airlines charge a lot of money for oxygen.Also I am being quoted nearly £200 for a single trip insurance for 12 days,I am sure someone posted on here about getting insurance through a military site if a member had been in the forces..Any advice on any of the above.Thanks.

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Heres Link To Insurance

Need To Keep Eye On Stats Tho A Would Think

Hope That Helps All The Best :)


Try this site for insurance some body on here told me and its the

cheapest ive found.


good luck


Thank you,it was the cheapest quote,I tried unique who the BLF mentioned and Staysure.I say cheapest,it's still. Expensive for a single trip to the Med.I now have to go and have flight breathing tests,and hope I can go on my holiday,will now have to rethink going abroad in the future,the disease is bad enough ,but the penalties of being ill are prohibitive ,and to think 3 months ago I had no idea that a niggly cough was IPF.Lindy


Hi Sooki your sats falling to 84 after 6 minute walk is not good. I understand less than 88 is beginning to put your major organs at risk. There are a number of factors involved here. I was told a drop of 4%following exercise means you need per ambulatory oxy support. There is also the question of carbon dioxide retention.

I am not a medical professional but in my opinion it is imperative you seek medical advice soon. BLF No is 03000 030 555 someone there will be able to give you good advice.

Good luck Chris


Sorry to hear your news Sooki, I hope you start receiving treatment very soon. As it seems you booked your holiday prior to diagnosis, you should be able to cancel should you need to. Would be a shame though. Good luck! Libby x


Just to let you know, some airlines charge for oxygen and some do not. If you are travelling within the Thomson group it should be free.


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