Its working for me, so what can I say but give it a go!!! ;)

Hi all. It seems as though loseing weight and exercising HARD! is working. I'm breaking record distances and times all round.

Iv'e done timed favorite walks of mine and kept records over the last 3 years since leaving hospital after a very long and eventful stay.

Ive just done a new record distance on my exercise bike in 15 mins, 2.93 miles, It hurt over the last 5 mins but then it generally does and I shifted a fair amount of the old sputum too which can only be good.

After a couple of years of remaining pretty static I decided to up the pace a bit and push the boundaries. Iv'e been told that with my condition I should really be getting worse or with luck staying the same but I am still finding improvements, The problem is, it seems as though they have to be earned by hard work.

Its a shame that somebody can't just wave a magic wand, I wish someone could but it seems as though its up to us to help ourselves along side the medical stuff.

What is also truely amaizing is I am dropping my steroids too and I am now down to 12 mg from 20 mg and noticing no change. Iv'e been on 20 mg per day for 2 years now so its great to be lowering the dose, even though they have been good to me with no real side effects.

Iv'e heard nothing from the transplant team but then thats how it is untill they find you a matching pair of lungs but if I keep improving the way I am they'll be taking me off the list, saying I'm too well. :) chance will be a fine thing.

I reckon when I can beat my 80 year old Dad at walking up one of our local Malvern Hills then I'm getting somewhere, untill then I'll keep on striving to be the very best I can.

Care to join me, all you good and kind people out there.

Tony. Let's break some records together eh' and feel good!!!

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  • Good on ya

  • Cheers Scars and Thanks.

  • Well done Tony, I don't have a exercise bike otherwise I would be joining you :) Its amazing what can be achieved through regular exercise and how much more health can be improved.

    keep up the good work. BC

  • Hi BlakeyC, Now we have better weather I don't use the exercise bike as much, I prefer to walk outside but if the weather takes a turn for the worst then I'm on it.

    Exercise is the only way of improving our situation I believe, with the assistance of the medical profession also.

    Thanks BC.

  • Congratulations on breaking your old record :)

    Sandra x

  • They say records are there to be broken and the 3 mile in 15 mins is within reach now.

    I'll wait for the perfect day and give it a go soon.

    I always try and exercise to music as it takes your mind off the pain, so on record breaking days I put on something with a faster beat.

    Thanks Sandra x

  • Excellent

    Hard work does pay!

    I am working on my local hills but if i get to malvern i will try one of your hills.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Kev, There's no doubt that hard work does pay. Sometimes it ain't a lot of fun but its worth it in the end.

    Your welcome to try the Malverns anytime and theres plenty of pubs to recover in afterwards.


  • Well done Tony, Let me get a few more PR workouts under my belt and I'll race you on my cross trainer. :)

    :) Anna

  • Thats the way Anna, fitness dosn't come overnight, it pay's to look long term and keep working at it. The benifits will surely come.

    Tony x

    Cross Trainer v Exercise Bike, Mmmmm' (Bring it on!!!!)

  • Hi Tony, Well done like yourself am pushing myself past any targets that have been set for me I can certainly feel a improvement in my lungs my mobility has come on leaps and bounds or until my lungs tell me, the hardest part is trying to evade Fran half the time, Good Luck, MC

  • Hi MC, I hope you got all that information on transplant assessment I posted, you'll cruise it I'm sure.

    Keep dodgeing Fran and you'll soon be as fit as a Butchers Dog and she will have to run a lot faster to catch you. Ha Ha.


  • Well done Tony

    You can't keep a miracle man down. Will join you for the walk as soon as I finish the antibs. Goal for next week tho is get out in the boat as long as the weather allows.

    Take care and keep up with the improvements, prove them all wrong and I will follow your lead.

    Tina x :)

  • I may be miracle man but you are miracle woman Tina. I can't believe what your planning to do but its brilliant that you are.

    You have a terrific attitude and like me have decided to make the most of what you've got. Well what else can we do eh'

    Have a great time on that boat of yours and I hope the weather is kind to you also.

    Its a shame your not closer to Malvern, but the walk offer is alway's open.

    You seem to get through a lot of oxygen, have you tried a conserver to make it last longer. You only use oxygen when you breathe in instead of a constant flow.

    Tony xx

  • Errrm, I think I will give it a pass this time Tony but good on you. You have done brilliantly. Well done. Best regards from Bobby

  • Thanks Bobby for your comment and anytime you fancy a stroll on the Malverns your welcome.

    I do know some fairly easy routes to the top :)


  • Well done. Exercise is so important.

    Lynne xx

  • Just another thought, I am not too far from Malvern, when you have had your op, why don't we meet up and have a little walk?

    Now there's a proposition.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne, that sounds like a good idea. I wonder if there is anyone else local who would like to see whats possible, even if your breathing is poor.

    I can still get to the top of the hills at a very slow pace with a few stops along the way.

    Most people would think there is nothing wrong with me but if they saw me on my way up the hill there is no hiding my problems.

    I would be glad to take a walk up the Hills with you Lynne and maybe we could get a few others to come too.

    A few photo's of a gang of us at the top of the Worc's Beacon would be great to put on the forum eh' and in the pub afterwards.

    Whenever your ready Lynne, I just hope the transplant team don't ring when were at the top, but then thats just sods law en' it.

    Tony xx

  • And I will join you both! It would be a trip down memory lane, many happy hours spent in the Malverns.

    Well done Dall, fantastic and are you still losing weight?

  • Good to hear it peeg, Living on the Malverns has its drawbacks as there are no easy walks round here, its all ups and downs but its great for getting you working hard and the views make the suffering worth it.

    The weight loss is almost complete as I am only 2lbs off the transplant consultants target of 12 and a half stone. I had to slow the rate of loss as it messed up my INR warfarin bloods test but Iv'e now lost 20lbs in total.

    Tony x

  • That's so brilliant Dall, you must be pretty pleased :-) & rightly so P

  • Thanks peeg, I do feel so much better now the old me is looking back in the mirror and My belly dosn't get in the way when doing up my shoe laces. Ha Ha.

  • Yes, you feel better inside and out. I lost 20lbs a year ago. A few lbs crept on when I had a 3 month infection and could hardly get off sofa, I need to do something about that asap

    Night night, sleep well . x P

  • Well done

  • Thanks Jennyren, Its all about hard work and keeping at it.

  • Well done from me too! You are an inspiration. Half the battle is geting into the right state of mind to keep on exercising ~ it's so easy to slip back, give up and feel sorry for yourself, as I do quite often! I shall keep on with my daily jogging on the spot ~ well I don't have a dog to walk! ~ it really does make a difference. So thank you.

  • Your right ipscribbla, a lot of the battles are in the mind but once you start seeing the results of your hard work are paying off it drives you on. A good combination of exercise and eating sensibly can really help our condition's.

    Keep up that jogging and maybe we'll see you in your local London marathon next year eh'


  • Brilliant to read that you are doing so well, I live in Hereford so Malverns not far away. I managed a walk up them a couple of years ago, and found it a struggle. Would love to go up them again, but would need to do a less steep route, have you any suggestions where Lottie and I could go for toddle.

    Huggles and well done!

  • Thanks Daxiemad, there are a few routes that are not too steep. The one is from the Black Hill car park, just along from the Malvern Hills Hotel and the other starts close to the Wyche Inn where you can head either North or South up a more gradual slope.

    It would be good if a group of us could meet someday and take a SLOW! walk.

    Maybe I'll blogg an invitation to anyone who's interested one day and see who turns up, could be fun.


  • Let's do it!

  • I'll be here, but then I live here so its easy for me. Most of you live miles away. I'll be happy if 1 turns up so I'll blogg an invitation to all soon and we'll see what happens.


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