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South East London

Not.happy at the moment, I live near Woolwich, South East London, upset by what happened there, feel so very sorry for that poor man, a shocking way to die.

Now we have the British Airways plane making an emergency landing at Heathrow with one engine on fire, guess what, I'm flying with British Airways at Heathrow on Sunday. Still at least it landed safely with no injuries.


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The young man lived in Rochdale which is not far from me ,It's ironic that he had done 2 tours in Afghanistan and then gets murdered at home.

I think the entire country is in shock over this. It is very sad.

Be safe on your travels.

This is so hard to think about, I saw the Gunner's family on the one o'clock news. It was heartbreaking to see them. Not only his death but the manner in which he died. Awful.

The security services knew about these people for eight years. The answer is obvious. Anyone suspected of terrorist activities should be immediately deported to their country of origin. It would then be up to them to disprove the allegations at their own expense before being allowed to return. I have been saying for years that the threat to this country lies within it. This post will probably get the PC brigade going but that is how I feel.


I really don't think you are the only one, Bobby. I for one totally agree.

Jude xx

I live near Romford and I don't want one of the killers deported back to Romford where he came from !

Usually I would come back with something funny but as the father of a serving soldier all I can think about is this poor lads family. It makes me so angry that people like this are allowed to walk the streets.


Me too, I didn't mean it as a joke, I really don't want people capable of this living near me or anywhere else, and it's worrying that the killer was home grown and there is no where to send them back to, was in Romford yesterday and there was 3 young men talking loudly, just having a laugh really, I couldn't get back home fast enough, I've got a relative in Afghanistan now, can't wait for him to come home, x x x

now we have trouble at Stanstead Airport, plane was diverted because of threats.

Think I'm going to live on an isolated island somewhere.

I don't really want to comment much on these sad and terrible events, but there is so much on FB and elsewhere about 'sending them back where they came from'. Most of these young radicals were born here, have had their heads poisoned by radical clerics and have only enjoyed a British education and other opportunities. They might find living under Sharia Law a very different matter.

Yes, they should pay for their crimes, but they are not some alien race, they are British.

I feel sorry for the many ordinary Muslim people who have not, and would not, do wrong. Why some idiots are now targeting them is beyond me.

Lynne xx

Hear hear Lynne

What a terrible and cowardly act this was and your heart has to go out to his 2 year old son. What I am struggling to comprehend is the person I heard on the radio who was a reformed jihadist saying that his parents brought him to the UK and he was brought up in London in a strict Muslin household where his parents believed that the west was morally corrupt. So apart from the benefits what else did they come here for

Absolutely tragic. My heart goes out to his wife, little son, his parents and family and friends. How very sad.


Everyone is talking about the soldier who lost his life, and his poor family, and believe you me I really feel for them. But I also feel for the family of the men who committed this dreadful crime. I read today in the "I" that the named man (sorry I cannot recall his name) was well brought up by hardworking parents, who believed in discipline. It must be dreadful to have to live the rest of their lives knowing their son committed such a dreadful act against another. And worrying about how their neighbours,friends and work colleagues will view them now. So remember every family member connected to this deserves our thoughts and best wishes.

And as for Facebook (something I use alot), a friend who I was having coffee with this morning said she has had to unfriend several people due to bigoted thoughts and backlashes against Muslims. The majority of Muslims are not a problem, like the rest of us they just want peace and practise their religion the way it was ment to be followed. Those who commit these dreadful acts against other humans, don't do it in the name of religion. Religion has nothing to do with, and to use religion as a cause is disrespectful. These people are just extreme in their behaviour and have had their minds poisoned by evil.

Please stop spreading your poison on this site.

This is a site for people with chronic lung conditions, some are terminally ill most are chronically ill or are carers for, what do you expect people like that to do. Please show a little every one on this site and especially to those who have family currently serving in the forces

As much as I intensely dislike what popeye is saying, none the less he is telling it like it is,we do say nothing we do nothing & that sickens me as well, I had newsnight on last night & to here this anjum chowdery filling my living room with his bile made me sick

I agree the many moslims who do live by the Koran are a peace loving people but we must speak up against the radicals & say not in this country!

Sorry if i,ve upset anyone but this is how I feel, perhaps if we had spoken before this brave soldier may still be with us, & my prayers are with all his family & friends


Are you anything to do with the BNParty?

There are radicals in all walks of life & not all are religious popeye, argueing with those who couldnt see the truth if it came 7 bit them on the ar*e

So I,m sure you,l understand that I,m not going to argue with you, you have said your piece now I think you should spread your "truth" else where

The Witch

If I wish to leave a message paying my respects to the family of the dead soldier I will as that is my right I do not need you to tell me whether I can or cannot Popeye

Interesting its Friday night again and another person comes a long who has never posted before and leaves no details on his profile.Y0u do not know me or how seriously ill I am. I can not even look after my own family any more and it breaks my heart that they have to care for me. DONT tell me what I can or can not do

Calling people on here " stupid people " and " you idiots " is definitely going to win me over to your way of thinking. I think not.

Nasty person!! Popeye

I was the first person to pay my respects on another post. As for wishing me a speedy recovery I will not recover my condition is uncurable like most people here. which is why I asked for some respect for them

Me and a few others will have a 2 min silence on Sunday at 11 o'clock, we're feeling a little helpless x x x x

That is a lovely thing to do Medow. x xx x

Me and a few others will have a 2 min silence on Sunday at 11 o'clock, we're feeling a little helpless x x x x

I never said I did speak for others. You have already tried and found guilty the familys of the 2 men involved in the attack clearly. You are also incredibly rude. I will now take the witches advice and ignore you. Its pointless saying anything more.

Why are you here ?

It's no wonder people's feelings are running high after such an atrocity. My heart aches for the young man, his family and their unbearable pain AND the parents of the killers. Everyone is trying to make sense of this, and many are frightened. But it is inappropriate and cruel to tarnish millions of peace-loving people with the same evil brush.

Im glad Im not a muslim reading your words Popeye - I have reported you to the moderators (I dont wish to be anonymous about this). Calling good people who are trying to grapple with this morons, stupid etc is way out of order. If you cant make your points without being insulting, then your points are clearly not strong enough in themselves.

Videos of rape, references to muslim gangs who rape and traffic is a way to ratchet up islamophobia - it is happening all the time in the media. But this doesn't only happen within Islamic culture. The media's focus on muslims detracts from what happens in all cultures including white British (I used to work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and torture - all white).

The problem of extremist mosques and the ideological targetting of young men needs sorting - its dreadful, frightening, and as we've just seen has unspeakable consequences, but your approach will not work, and will merely alienate peaceful muslims, including those with lung disease who may be reading this blog.


Thankyou o2 trees. Best wishes Julie x

Well written O2Trees, thank you for your well worded response!

xxxx Katina

Popeye67 I think you have gone to0 far now. We all just wanted to show our respect in one way or another for the dreadful act committed this week. This site is not for ranting about "Muslims," I am well aware of the atrocities that certain people carry out in the name of their god (and that goes for all religions and backgrounds). If you wish to tell what you believe is the truth I suggest you take it to another site where like minded people agree with you. Otherwise stop turning this thread into your personal rant, and give others a chance to add their condolences or personal thoughts. As I think we are all well informed of your beliefs now.

Thank you very much for your actions of removing your posts, I am sure it will be much appreciated by those of us who deemed it inappropriate that you use this thread in such a way. I hope you can find somewhere appropriate to exercise your beliefs and wish you the very best for the future.

Kind regards

I think the reason for the posts being deleted is because he has been reported to the moderator and because it is illegall to incite racial hatred. I notice there have been several arrests this morning. Best wishes julie xx

I have been through these blogs. This man (Popeye) is dangerous. His views are extreme and are not appropriate for this forum. I feel we need a 24/7 moderator.

I agree Annie he is dangerous. I do not understand why he is on this site at all.

As far as I am concerned any act of terrorism is a case of treason, and we do still have the death penalty for treason.

Popeye67 moderators can only read our private messages if we choose to copy them, otherwise they are just that private. As for choosing between expressing our true opinions, if it is appropriate to do so well then we do, but this site is not for expressing extreme views. We all need to be thoughtful in how we address things, and when writing our views do so in such away that it doesn't cause distress to others. Something which you haven't considered when writing on this thread. And as for anyone else reporting you, don't worry about it because those you have offended have made their feelings well known to those who monitor this site.

I shall not bother replying any further on this thread now, it is time to lay this subject to rest.

You are vile

Not people like you for a start. You're a fanatic. It's people like you who cause wars. Go away. You are not wanted here.

I can remember when the IRA were bombing London and targeting soldiers pubs and barracks (I seem to remember they bombed a barracks and killed some young members of an army band) but no-one certainly in the press that I can remember at the time were saying send all the Irish back to Ireland, or blaming Catholics per se for the atrocities - so I do wonder why with this new atrocity (and yes I do think it is an atrocity) and those that went before (twin towers etc.) the language in the popular press refers specifically to the perpetrators religion and sometimes to their ethnicity - could it be that the powers that be would rather we concentrate our blame and dissatisfaction with the way things are, by demonising sections of our communities rather than looking at the root causes viz. a system of organising the world in which we can never win - unrestricted capitalism and it is not just rather convenient that the 'enemies' happen to be in oil producing countries? That aside there are bad people in all ethnic groups and in every religion - the self confessed goal of these men was to perpetrate hatred - there is enough of that in the world I feel without our adding to it for all it does is perpetuate a vicious cycle of attack and retribution ad infinitum which results in yet more deaths, more orphans, more widows, widowers etc. more sadness.

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