dried up like a prune?

has any one else experienced that after given up smoking then finds themselves with a dry mouth, dried out sinuses, never having coughed once, and unable to clear their blocked nose by blowing it? I thought that COPD and giving up smoking caused both coughing and an increase in mucus? I have asked my GP but I should know better by now.


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  • Yes I have this, not sure we can do much about it,

  • That sounds like dehydration, but ask an expert.

  • Drink plenty of water & fruit juice

  • I use an Olbas oil inhaler nasal stick as I am also unable to blow my nose properly it does help. Dehydration can be a side effect of some of the drugs and the only answer to that is water, water, water it can also help (in some cases) with the mucus. But why not give the help line a call they may be able to give you some advice they seem to be able to help everybody at some point. Hooray for the help line :D

  • Excellent advice but not quite so much praise for the help line please, they will be expecting flowers and chocolates next ............ :)

  • You mean you haven't sent them any yet? You meanie!

  • Thank you for your kind words jandan.

    Yellow freesia and Cadbury's whole nut, if you're asking!

    Have a good weekend all.


  • You have impeccable taste, Biddy - I am sending your wishes to phillips 1 since he is a jolly nice chap :)

  • Do you have very dry eyes as well? Could be you're suffering from sicca syndrome,. Where secretions in eyes nose mouth,dry up ask you're GP,also some meds make you very dry especially, inhalers, rinse you're mouth out after, use always, you need to discuss this, Lansdowne spray helps for the mouth it's a spray there are creams and drops which can be prescribed, for dryness dryness of the eyes eat lots of fresh pineapples, not the tin variety, check with ,you're GP that you haven't got ,oral thrush, this can make you're mouth uncomfortably dry, drink plenty of fluids you don't say it you have a respiritory nurse she does an exercise which can help no end, it's called huffing, hold you're hand in front of youre mouth just a few inches away, after doing some gentle deep breaths hold you're hand in front of you're mouth pretend, you're blowing into the imaginary mirrorr and make a ha noise exhaling as much breath form you're lungs as you comfortably can till there empty then cough some mucous should be brought up from the lower end of youre lungs do this exercise when you need to loosen and clear you're chest it dose work ,my best wishes to you hope you feel better and my longish answer has helped x x

  • The huffing exercise, I mention, is for anyone who finds it difficult to, bring up phelem and mucous it does work well simple and effective

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