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Locum Doctor

There was a blog on here recently about locum doctors which I found interesting and thought I would add my experience from today. I had given in and made an appointment to see our GP who could give Doc Martin a run for his money only to find he was on leave (again) and I saw the locum. What a lovely man, he took the trouble to explain exactly what was wrong with my body, wrote to the hospital immediately to say that I need to be seen much earlier than the appointment they had given me and to make sure that we had all the help we needed at home.

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Well I take my hat off to him. Sending the GP's from my surgery to see your locum. might make em wake up a bit. I think they have all been there far to long and just get complacent.

A locum helped my elderly dad a couple of years ago, his surgery was hopeless. Makes you think !!!!!. Hope all goes well for you. xx


Oh excellent news, great to hear :)

We had a locum at our surgery who was very good, a fresh new face with a different view point to some of the older, more staid docs - it also helped that he was eye-candy too. Unfortunately this meant you could never get an appointment with him. :)


Oh eye candy I wish, I was just grateful for his cool hands and caring manner. We do have one GP within the surgery who comes from Norway and is definitely eye candy and great fun to be around. Reminds me of the time when hubby was taken really poorly (pre-diagnosis) and admitted to a Danish hospital. I spent the night alone in hotel worried sick, got the hospital next morning to find the most dishiest female doctor sitting on his bed laughing and joking with him


Good news for you Secondlife. Hope you get that appointment PDQ.



Well done second life.Keep smiling




I have always found locums really good as well as eye candy (I'm a closet cougar). I think because they are young and keen and eager to impress. My pet hate is middle aged male doctors coz I have found they tend to dismiss middle aged women as menopausal and attention seeking! :)

Bev x


I would agree with all of this but unfortunately I am well past menopausal (so my body says), and this locum was in his fifties. I don't know what he did for me or what was in the tablets but I came home and had the best 3 hours sleep since I don't know when.


Ha ha. I am well past menopausal as well but it doesn't stop middle aged doctors treating me as an attention seeking female. Maybe its only in my area which is sexist to say the least.

Bev xx


it is only since we moved down here that I have noticed that the GPs seem a bit dismissive of us, perhaps it is the South West


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