have i become a 'drama queen'?

i have always 'just got on with it' whenever unwell, asthma attack? just get on with it! feeling really unwell? don't moan, just get on with it! 2 years ago i had 12 courses of antibiotics, 2 courses of steroids, 5 weeks off work and couldn't believe how ill i felt, i never take time off work and never complain of feeling unwell to other people. i eneded up sick of my own voice complaining of feeling ill. After fighting with my dr to be referred to a consultant, i eventually won, received my appointment and after tests discovered apart from asthma i also had bronchiectasis. I had a year of taking Azithromycin 3 times a week and no chest infections, i am still taking Azithromycin but since january, have had 3 chest infections, requiring antibiotics, steroids, a trip at A and E and 3 weeks away from work. I currently am waiting for results of another sputum sample to confirm another chest infection which i expect to receive another course of antibiotics. I feel so unwell and people say '' how are you'' and i reply '' i feel dreadful'' My colleagues must dread asking, but i wouyld never previously have told them the truth, so am i becoming a drama queen?

I must be feeling realy stressed at moment as i only usually look at other peoples questions and would never dream of submitting one,


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  • Most of my friends have stopped asking how I feel as they know they'll get a very detailed report on my condition :) I don't feel like a drama queen at all, it seems so false saying "I'm fine" when someone asks, so I may as well let them know I'm feeling terrible - as usual.

    No point hiding behind a mask and pretending, but it's also worth remembering not to cry wolf either. I don't try and make out I'm any worse than I am as I know people like my wife do take note of what I say and will pick up on anything different.

    It's the same with getting treatment. We shouldn't just plod on and hope it will go away and we will get better. If something is wrong then get it checked out. :)

  • Hi, thanks for replying, at the moment everyone still asks 'how are you?' i try to be upbeat but am finding it difficult, just been diagnosed with another infection and been prescribed with antibiotics, hopefully after this one everything will improve again.


  • It is your right to come on this forum whatever age, teenap, So feel welcome to air your problems - there should be plenty of help. Maybe you could have a chat with the BLF nurse - let her read this blog. The number is 0300030555.

    If you have already had a look around, you will know we are a friendly crowd. All the best wishes from Annieseed xx

  • Hi, thank you for the nurses number, the people using the forum have been very friendly, thank you again.

  • Hiya Teenap.

    It seems as if you have had a bad run of luck. The only consolation I can offer is that sometimes these things eventually settle down and ease off, sometimes for months at a time. I haven't had a bad run for two years now. Hopefully you will have a good one soon.

    Love from Bobby xx

  • I must admit having 12 months without a chest infection lulled me into thinking the bronchiectasis and asthmat was now under control and i would only have the occasional infection. Hopefully this present course of antibiotics will be the last for a while.

  • That was me a few yrs ago , I always got on with it never said a word about my condition at work ,constant chest infections, usual antis and steroids but it did come to a head ended up with 6months sick and eventually pensioned off

  • Hi, i wasn't sure how to reply to you, if looking back at how things were then, is there something you wished you had done/not done? Last year i dropped from full time work to part time. I hope things have improved for you.

  • Hi Teenap

    Me too, I'm always Ok. It landed me in hospital for 3 months. So although my Ok is going to be different to someone elses, I'll say could be better or think I have another infection. I only ever tell the whole truth to my close family and friends and the docs. You cannot be a drama queen for telling it like it is.

    Take care and hope you feel bettrr soon

    Tina x

  • Thank you, i do try to keep it simple, i think i'll try in future 'normal' when asked, the difficult thing is i work shifts and don't see the same people each time, therefore i can end up every shift relaying the same information about my lungs to colleagues i haven't seen for a while.

  • What a miserable time you are having. This year seems to be even worse for chest infections - just seen a chap who does not have any lung condition but has had two chest infections in three weeks. My husband says the same as you when he is ill - that people must be sick of asking him how he is and that he is sick of his own moans! BUT actually I think it is better if you tell people how you feel - if they don't want to ask anymore they won't! It is far better that everyone knows you are not well.

    Perhaps you could ring the helpline and just have a chat. The nurses maybe able to offer you some advise and support.

    Hope you start to feel better soon. Take good care of yourself. TAD xxx

  • Hi, thanks for replying, My consultant also says its been down to the bad weather, hopefully after this course of antibiotics things will improve, Glad other people get fed up with their own moans,

  • Teena, I think you sound too ill to be at work and its probably not giving yourself time to recover properly before going back. I think you need to have a lot of rest and relaxation to recover properly giving your body half a chance. So many courses of anti biotics in such a short space of time, and the steroids, are bound to take their toll on the body. Both these do affect the immune system while treating the infection, so you need to try and build yourself up to help a good recovery process. Lots of healthy food and drinks, perhaps a few supplements to help you through, drink plenty of water, a good multivitamin, add a high dose of vitamin C and more than likely a course of the real pro biotics, your local health food shop should be able to advise you on the supplements you may benefit from at this time.

    I hope you are feeling much better real soon. Look after yourself.

    Take good care.

    BC x

  • Some good ideas to try, i do attempt to build in rest and relaxation, healthy food and drink etc i asked my consultant if i could do anything to ensure the bronchiectasis did notr become worse and he recommended exercise - which i get plenty of in my work, when i'm not working i feel exhausted. I worry about taking time away from work in case l'm 'let go'. i will pop into the local health food shop to see if they can reccomend a supplement.

  • Best to tell people how you feel, I used to hide my head in the sand but one day decided to 'come out' about my condition, best thing I ever did. Hope you get better soon, let us know how you get on.

    Lib x

  • Thanks, the asthma part of my health problems were always obvious to others but it has only been in the last couple of years that it has been bad enough to be commented on - frequently, The year of infections before i was diagnosed with bronchiectasis was a nightmare, my family thought i was going to die because i was constantly struggling to breath and i had no option but to admit how unwell i felt to colleagues, hence 'have i become a drama queen'. Just started the fourth course of antibiotics this year and hope everything improves now. Teena x

  • Would not see telling people how you feel as being a drama queen. Over emphasising things is to me. Ongoing illnesses can bring you down for long periods of time and as they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Talking releives even if it can't cure, so share feelings if it helps you people will listen and often be happy to help when they know your not so good.

  • Thank you, the replies to my question have really helped, when i posted my original question i felt really down/alone and worried i was becoming a little self obsessed,

    looking forward to healthier days.

  • Unfortunately "how are you?" is used as a salutation rather than "hello"

    My suggetion is simply be selfish and do what makes you feel best!

    Best wishes


  • i think your right kevin, thanks for replying.

  • I have always said I'm good thanks. I have promised my self I am going to learn to say "not great really" and see what response I get. I'm also promising my self to learn how to say NO.

  • I always said 'i'm fine thanks' until i became so unwell i couldn't hide it, it is really difficult to be honest, people usually are very concerned but it can become the main topic of conversation,

  • You are so not a drama queen teenap but Pete also says he is fine when he's not really. If people cannot cope with how you are then tough because you are unwell and not feeling great. I hope that you get to feel lots better soon and it is a pity about the Azithro because it is good but the body seems to get used to it unfortunately. Hope something else works well for you. Get well soon and thinking of you. xxxx :)

  • Thank you, the sample results came back and i've been prescribed flucloxacillin, at the moment i feel quite well, hoping that this is the last of the infections and i will be able to say to everyone ' i'm fine thanks' , Thanks again and i hope you and pete keep well. xx

  • thanks for that and here's to being "fine". Take care. xxxxxxx :)

  • Beware of FINE

    A doctor once told me that many of his patients were 'fine'

    He thought it stood for

    Frustrated (polite version)




    You could create your own acronym





    Best wishes

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