Waste of time and money

On Monday I went to see the chest consultant at Cheltenham General Hospital. Firstly I was sent for a chest ex-ray, then a spirometery test, before seeing the consultant. This man (whom I have never met before) was asked to complete a form for me to renew my bus pass. In previous years it was my doctor (who has treated my copd when I have had chest infections and been on antibiotics and steroids) but who is no longer trusted to sign for a bus pass. Surely this is a dreadful waste of money and a waste of a consultants time (and mine).

Just another example of how the government and councils are "saving" money with their new ridiculous rules.

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  • It depends on your local council. In my area there's a 3 page document, you fill in pages 1 and 2, you fill in part of page 3 to state your reasons and condition(s) for applying and get your GP to sign.

    Perhaps your area is trying to put people off by insisting on a consultant or specialist? It does sound crazy that they go that far.

  • Hi Gordon,

    I am under Cotswold council. Yes I think this council is trying to put people off applying, but many people living here, live in small rural villages, and the bus service is vital for them to be able to shop, socialise etc. It is also insulting to our GP's, who do a wonderful job, despite cut backs in the NHS.

    It just seems crazy to me to pay for a consultants fee and an ex-ray and nurses time, because the council no longer accept the word of a doctor.

    I am glad your local authority are not quite as crazy as mine.

  • Oh don't worry, they are mad as hatters in many other respects at our council !

    The best way to get forms signed by a consultant is to contact their secretary and arrange to send the form in, rather than wait until you get an appointment, or feel you have to make one as an excuse to get it signed. Also, check for a PALS team at the hospital concerned, they're usually pretty good at sorting issues like this out :)

    Although it is now a national concessionary pass with national rules, a lot of councils are still free to make their own rules about who qualifies and how to verify the abilities of the applicant. There are only a few conditions that automatically qualify, it amazed me that in your area the ownership of a blue badge is counted as being enough to get the bus pass without a consultant letter. I wonder what you have to do to get a blue badge though...?

  • Yes you are right that if you receive various other benefits, you can apply for a bus pass without seeing a consultant. I have no idea how many hoops you have to jump through to get a blue badge. it dosen't bear thinking about.

  • Puppylover you are so right, what a waste of time and money when a GPs signature should be sufficient in this particular case.When is our country going to simplify red tape so the rules are the same where ever you live for national concessions, like bus passes, blue badges, grants ect. Too much is left to discretion by individual administrators in my opinion

  • Absolutely, and what annoys me the most is the lack of logic and common sense. We know the country is broke and we need cut backs, but implementing rules that are going to cost the country more in the long run are ridiculous.

  • Hi puppylover. I agree with you totally. At least you will now get your bus pass renewed. You get yours for 3 years don't you? In my area its only 1 year. Don't know if they have changed the rules now to consultant only here. I will find out when I renew mine in August.

    Great to see you last week. Come back soon. (((((puppylover)))))

    Bev xxxxx

  • Hi hon, I can't wait to come back again. I think I was lucky with the weather but it is freezing here in comparison. Great to see you all again. I am now on a diet as I put on 4lbs in 4 days during my stay there. Think it was the ice creams. Love to all the girlies xxxxx

  • Haven't seen any of the girlies since you have ha ha. You said you were on holiday and had to have an ice cream every day! Could be down to Jojo's cooking as well.....

    Bev x

  • cripes, dont the gp practice have to pay for consultants appointments out of their budget?

    PS I lived in Cheltenham for 17 years, would quite like to move back but as it's in a valley & damp it' really isn't an option any more :(

  • Hi Peeg,

    I live in Stow on the Wold, just outside Cheltenham and on top of a hill. There are lots of nice towns and villages outside Cheltenham (and not in the valley) if you fancy moving back to this area.

    P.S. Would send you a smiley face back but don't know how.

  • I think I must have been lucky I have held a blue badge for about 15 yrs when I applied for a new one they would I allow them to contact my gp I said ok 3 days later I got my new one I live in leeds so they seem to be on the ball.

  • Good for you. I don't know much about blue badges but if you have one, it is easier to get a bus pass, but then I guess you don't need a bus pass because you would be able to drive (and park) everywhere.

  • oooo lovely Stow on the Wold. My kids still consider the Cotswolds as their 'home'. 2 of them went to Pates in Cheltenham & 1 to Rendcomb near Cirencester.

    Middle child (child?) went to Chelt recently to collect her new puppy..........

    In 2 years I have to pay back £120,000 mortgage (just bought lotto ticket) so I have to have massive life change & move somewhere else.

    A few years ago I had the gump' to move anywhere in the world but sadly lost it & it's scarey to have to leave where I've been happy for the past 16 years, the community, GP, travel pass for London Transport etc & start again on my own.

    Just wanting that gumption to come flooding back :D (smiley is: space then a : and a ) and a big smile is: : and a capitol D - I think - you can practice on me!).

    Have a lovely weekend Puppylover. P

  • Hi Peeg,

    You have a while to consider your options, but I am sure you will settle in, where ever you choose to live. Since leaving Devon 3 years ago, I have moved 3 times. I have been in Stow for 2 years and have settled down now, joined a couple of clubs, and got to know some of the neighbours. It is a very friendly place to live. Unfortunately, I no longer own my home, and am affected by this new bedroom tax as I live in a 3 bed house but only need 2. My son, who is at university, may leave home next year, and then I would only need 1. I really do not want to move twice again in the next year for the same reasons you mention above. My gumption has got up and gone too, and I would also like to stay where I am.

    I hope that lottery ticket is lucky for you (think I will buy one too).

    Wishing you a lovely Bank Holliday weekend too : :) ::D

  • Hi if you put your mouse over any emoticons it shows you how to do them. Only discovered this a couple of days ago :)

    Bev xx

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