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Question for the BLF team

Question to the BLF. Approx 2 weeks ago on this question/answer site you gave some info on a video about bronchiectasis and its effects/treatment/causes etc. by a consultant and respiratory nurse I think at a London hospital or clinic. It was very useful and my partner would have liked to read it but I accidentally deleted it. Could you please post it again please. Thanks and sorry to be a nuisance but I am sure there are others who might have missed it but would appreciate watching it.

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Yes please! I missed that. Thanks


blf blog page 21 from 30 may 2012 - Bronchiectasis Online Surgery - very well worth watching, posted by Athar.


Hi fumeyer8

I see no one from BLF have answered yet. Can I suggest a few of things.

IF you asked the question, clicking on your name top right and select 'recent activity'. On the left under your portrait click on words 'all my blogs' and check through to the one it might be.

Alternatively IF you did answer another persons blog where the webinar link appeared, in 'your recent activity', just go back a couple of weeks around the time you think it was previously mentioned, or to the blog or question title you recognise where the link may have appeared.

There is also a tab of BLF blogs (click on blogs then BLF blogs) if you think BLF posted it in their own blog.

Lastly you may find it in search if you can remember the title of the blog where the link appears.

Or I am wandering if you will find it from this page:

Hope you find it.


Another way could be using "popular tags in Questions" (on right of this page)

Click on bronchiectasis.


Around the time this was on the blog I accidently found it when googling for something else on the open web. P


thanks very much to you all - I found it at last - it ison a BLF blog (page 21) from the 30 may 2012 a video by Michael Loebinger and Lizzie Flude, physio - very helpful and interesting. Posted by Athar at the BLF and headed BLF Bronchiectasis Online Surgery. Do have a watch.



here is the link tot the BLF presentation on bronchiectasis.

And links to other presentations can be found here




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