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How to increase deficient cholesterol


Maybe this should be on a different forum, in which case please help me out by saying where. Cholesterol forums are no use whatsoever because they only discuss statins and lowering levels. Obviously I have never taken statins(!)

My cholesterol is always too low and I am at a loss as what to do to increase it. The world is obsessed with lowering blood lipids and nobody seems to care about those of us with deficient levels. Here are my test results from two weeks ago:

Total cholesterol 129 (150-200) mg/dl LOW

Triglycerides 44 (50-200) mg/dl LOW

LDL 83 (<190)

HDL 34 (>40) LOW

LDL/HDL quotient 2.45 (<4.0)

I have been working on raising my triglycerides by drinking more alcohol. This has helped, they were 29 before. I have drunk a glass of wine a couple of times a week instead of once every few weeks.

But recently I had to stop because alcohol triggers my asthma and I have had bad asthma for weeks now.

I also have my zinc deficiency back and have low potassium:

Zinc 4.5 (7.3 - 7.7) mg/l LOW

Potassium 1663 (1750-1850) mg/l

Thank you

koala xxx

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Just want to add, I eat meat, fish etc and am slightly overweight. I also eat butter, chips etc.

Total cholesterol of 129mg/dl = 3.3


koala xxx


I am assuming you are talking about raising the good cholesterol level. Here is an article on that:


Zinc and potassium you can get from fruit and vegetables, here is a list where it occurs naturally:




Good luck


Hi Koala,

Ive never heard of this before. Would your GP refer you to a consultant? Or have you seen a dietician? I can hear your frustration that no attention is paid to your problem when it all goes to the other end of the cholesterol spectrum.

Sunflower seeds have loads of zinc - I eat a handful on my porridge each day and never have the white marks on my nails which come from zinc deficiency. They are nice toasted lightly in a frying pan. Potassium especially high in bananas.

You could call the BLF helpline - even if they dont know what to advise, they could perhaps suggest where you should be referred. jean


Thank you both for your replies.

Yes it is somewhat unusual, although not unheard of.

What gets forgotten in the current anti-cholesterol hype is that we need it to live, and a lot of things in our bodies rely on it, such as for example the adrenal glands for the production of a whole load of stuff. Last year I was diagnosed deficient in several adrenal hormones incl DHEA, testosterone etc. They ALL start as cholesterol.

I'd like to raise both my LDL and HDL by around 20 points each. The one I wouldn't like more of is oxidised LDL, that is the nasty one, not normal LDL. I also want my triglycerides up in the normal range but seeing as they never have been I'm not sure I will achieve that.

Thank you for the links and tips about zinc and potassium too. I will try to eat more of the food high in those things, although I have multiple allergies incl bananas and nuts. I can eat seafood though, so oysters would be fine.

Yes, I have got a clinical nutritionist. She helped out a lot with my over alkaline system using probiotics. I'm seeing her on Monday and will show her these latest results.

Living in Belgium on the German border with med insurance for both countries, I can take myself along to a specialist pretty much whenever I want, but I don't know who to see about the lipids. Previous reactions have been disbelief, rechecking tests and then saying, "oh well, better than too high I suppose". I am not convinced.

Yes, it is rather frustrating seeing as low cholesterol and triglycerides is connected to cardiovascular problems and cancer. Plus of course what I already have, namely adrenal hormone deficiencies.

I suppose the zinc and potassium are top priority. They have been problematic for a while now. I must sort them out.

Thanks again for your advice, tips and help



hope you can get this sorted and enjoy better health.


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