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live in hope

i know we are all diferant with this COPD and our lungs deterate with age but i still read and hear diferant things on if halts progrestion after you stop smoking and look after yourself better.

on a radio chat show a few weeks ago a nurse said that it still do progres but slower.. but then there are still some people think it still can halt the progrestion if stop smoking and there are some people who have and are still living with COPD into there late 70s and 80s

so i wonder

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I think that really is the point, music, everyone is different and their progression, whether they stop smoking or still smoke is not universal. As in every facet of life, there are lots of statistics regarding this but they also can be interpreted differently. Essentially, the best rule of thumb has to be the basics; eat as well and healthily as you can; get the best medication that works for you; try not to breathe in anything toxic and exercise as much as you are able. That way you have a fighting chance to live a longer, better life. But take care when crossing the road; we all know about buses :)


Unfortunately taking care of yourself is a slightly more difficult path to take but i am sure it is worth it!! My copd was 'probably' the result of poor asthma treatment over my life. (Respiratory professor)

I am sure that being a little selfish and looking after yourself is good self preservation!

Best wishes



Hiya Music.

I don,t think we can stop the progress of this awful disease but staying as fit & as active as we can we can slow its progress.I certainly feel better than i did when diagnosed May 2012.I put that down to kicking the dreaded weed into touch, joining the Gym & swimming.Good Luck & Best Wishes to you :)


I don't know if this helps, but I am just over a really bad exacerbation. I am almost back where I was before it started, and will be in a couple of days. I put that down to the exercise I do at the gym. I will need to build up again, but even my GP specialist has said I should get back in the gym as soon as I can.

Lynne xx


Lynne, I have also just got through a bad exacerbation following in the wake of a simple cold .Unlike you it has left me utterly drained and all I can do right now is try to get so

me of my energy back. This nasty disease is the master of chronic weight loss, and over the past 10 years or m

ore no matter what I eat or how much, I have nothing to show for it, only more skin and bone. It's being so cheerful that keeps me going. But laughter is good, it makes us use those abdominal muscles, so more laughter that's what I say!


i have copd, i was diagnosed in dec, i gave up smoking, have almost eaten the same & i have put on 2 stone!! so copd has not been a disease of chronic weight loss 4 me!! strange the way we are all different, but laughter is the best med! we all need loads of that :)


I think it also has to do with with your general health. If copd is your only health issue then it is easier for you to manage it with diet, exercise and as we all know stopping smoking. If unfortunately you have more health issues than copd then it obviously is more difficult to control and I do believe it progresses at a faster pace.


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