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Guessing it must be bed time

So what makes me think that I'm getting sleepy?

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I have just poured the poor cats biscuits in the bin instead of their bowls............oops sorry Ozzy, Georgie and Kit puss. The dog is pretty lucky he already has food in his bowl......I dread to think where I would have put that :)

...........answers on a postcard please :)

Goodnight from me and goodnight from them..........oh crumbs that should be Good morning :)

Ann x

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LOL. I bet the cats hope you have a good night's rest, and remember to feed them and not the bin tomorrow ... or is that today.... confused :)

Sandra x x


Easy Done :P


Good morning

Hope you get a lie in and not mobbed by starving cats! More econoomical to use bowls but you did cut out the middleman.

Tina x


Good morning - sleep well ?


If it's not today, was it tomorrow yesterday that made it today before tomorrow.




talking about dogs, my nurse has told me I should not have a dog, but I have been reading up on it and it seems if you have a dog with no tander that will be fine, comments please...........



Might Be Something To Do With Diabetes And Your Dogs Eating Your Feet :P

Me A Think Thats A Bit Much But Would Always Advising Asking Your Dog :)


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