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For the last two weeks i have been tyerd .sleeping a lot

plus have to take my blue pump. Lot

i do not want to do anything at all .

So today i went out to the garden and took the weeds

out between the patio slaps but resting all the time

just finished doing it put the brush back and

i started to breath heave i looked for my pump

which i Allows keep on me but i cound not find it so i came

so far in the house and lost all the control cound not breath at all

By then tyerd counting and breathing exec but no good

seen my pump on me chair got to it and breathing seem to come back

a bit so i used my enibilaxer 10ml.but kept closing my eyes like dosing

off and slite shaking so i layed down when wife came in and went to

sleep from 5 to 9 now not to Bad mite see doc tomorrow .

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Sorry to hear about your SOB today, but glad to hear your feeling better. I do think it's a wise move to contact your GP. Take care :)

Sandra x x


Today is a new day! Take good care of yourself and ask the GP if there is anything else you can do to make it better!

I hope the patio looks good after all your efforts!

Best wishes



Definitely get to see doctor today. Well done for not panicking.


hope you soon bounce back Joyce


Well done for coping.

Lynne xx


Hi David,hope you are feeling better today


hello David, I have been having bouts of awful breathlesness and feeling panicy a lot this week. Like you have been trying to tidy up the garden but not doing much. I notice I don't live very far from you and I'm wondering if it has to do with the weather and pollen, Its very windy here too. I hope you feel soon. Let us know how you get on? x


layer i am going to rest to day .

Still not 100% may be 60% but that is about average did tell wife i will finished today but rest is the order of the day up till Monday or Tuesday.


best to take it easy till you feel better. Like my hubby say's, the work will still be there tomorrow. At least you got some of the weeding done which is good.


Well done for your self control, not always an easy thing by any means, good man.

So first lesson always have inhaler with you. Second slowly does it, a little then rest and so on.

Glad you recovering well done and good luck,



Hope you are feeling better David after yesterdays worrying episode. With any luck you will have a much better day today.



Take it easy David you'll get a lot more done when you feel well I find if I'm struggling to do things it takes me 10 times longer.

Enjoy the rest.


Well done David ,Now sit down and relax with a bit of humouf


The KOTC humour show

Your daily tonic


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